BlueWallet v6.4.9: Airdrop MultiSig Cosigner

This version adds ability to airdrop keys (Xpubs) during the MultiSig key creation phase, as well as numerous bug fixes.

What’s changed

ADD: airdrop ms cosigner (#5682)FIX: Only make call if watch is reachableFIX: better tx list update when transactions actually changed (rel #5615)FIX: pull-to-refresh while inside the wallet doesnt update the tx list (closes #5615)FIX: incorrect fees occasionally (for some electrum servers); better fee estimationFIX: unable to delete faulty wallet (rel #5661)FIX: Settings was not fully visible on newer iPhone modelsFIX: round circles on Multisig screenFIX: stateURL default valueFIX: import single-sig wallet descriptor (closes #5637)REF: Camera Authorization Request

GitHub Repo

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