BlueWallet v6.4.12: Tool to Generate Last Mnemonic Word & Fixes

What’s new

ADD: RON currency for widgetADD: See currency when tap and hold on balanceADD: tool to generate last mnemonic word (#5722)FIX: better tracking opt out (related #5688)FIX: correct merge of params when navigating between screensFIX: Lightning wallet CSV export does not differentiate between paid and expired invoices #5835FIX: Sometimes would crash due to lack of initialParamsFIX: Wrong Suite was being targetedFIX: Call dismiss on ActionSheet to avoid duplicate firingFIX: Re-enable groups on watch appFIX: Show alert with error message when a selected file isn’t validFIX: Apple Watch app not working #5470FIX: Wait for transitions to finish before showing sheet

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