Blockstream Greenlight Is Now Open For Business

“In June, we unveiled Greenlight to developers and open-sourced its client repository. After several months of gathering feedback and conducting additional rounds of testing, we are excited to share that Greenlight is now officially available for commercial-grade use worldwide.””For Lightning developers, this not only reduces the risk and liability of holding user funds but frees up resources that would otherwise go to node operations—so that you can focus on your business and create the best app possible.””Greenlight reimagines the Lightning node by splitting it into smaller components that run separately. The Lightning implementation that Greenlight runs, Core Lightning, with its leanness and modularity, enables us to keep all operations involving the keys performed exclusively in the signer, separate from the rest of the node.””The signer is built on the Validating Lightning Signer (VLS) project for secure full end-to-end verification, ensuring that only authorized clients can initiate operations touching funds, not the operator of the infrastructure or a potential attacker gaining access to the infrastructure.””For real-world working implementations of Greenlight, see the all-new Blockstream Green wallet (Lightning functionality currently in beta) and the in-market Breez SDK. “”Greenlight is currently accessible with self-service certificates in the Greenlight Developer Console (GDC), which helps you run your day-to-day operations and access API keys.””Greenlight offers a generous free plan designed to empower hobbyists, enthusiasts, and small businesses. The free plan allows developers to deploy up to 1,000 on-demand nodes, with each node designed to activate and remain on while in use by an end-user.””For enterprises with higher volumes, we offer custom pricing plans that expand the node limits and provide uptime and availability guarantees. You can contact us via the Greenlight sign-up form or by email to learn more.””Finally, if you have general questions or would like to discuss Greenlight with the broader Lightning community, we encourage you to join us on Discord in the #greenlight channel or on the Build On L2 community developer page.”

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