Blockstream Green Mobile v4.0.9 and Desktop v1.2.2 Updates

Blockstream Green Android v4.09

Make QR code scanner take 85% of the screen.Long press a QR code to show it full screen.Remove PIN character limit for Trezor One.Hide Denomination & Exchange dialog for watch-only multisig.Fix 2FA threshold with empty string.Fixes on denomination behaviors.Fix receive address ellipsize middle.

GitHub Repo

Blockstream Green iOS v4.0.8

Bug fixes.

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Blockstream Green Desktop v1.2.2 (pre-release)

Pass hash of uncompressed firmware when updating Jade.Better error messages in increase fee dialog.CI process for signing for Windows.Improve Ledger warning to select correct apps on dashboard.Improve Jade serial port writing.UI fixes.

GitHub Repo

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