Blockstream Green Lightning Integration Coming by the End of September – Q2 Report

“Our open-source hardware wallet, Blockstream Jade, enjoyed record-breaking sales in the first half of the year, increasing YoY by over 700%.””Jade initiated Liquid swaps for trustless trading, Miniscript and Taproot support for improved privacy and security, and an Umbrel app for creating your own blind oracle, are all slated for release in the second half of 2023.””After unveiling an all-new redesigned Blockstream Green wallet in Q1, we shifted focus to Green’s much-anticipated Lightning integration via our on-demand node service, Greenlight.””This will establish Blockstream Green as the first in-market wallet to enable non-custodial payments across Bitcoin and its leading layer-2 solutions, the Liquid and Lightning networks. The feature is undergoing testing in closed beta, and we expect a public beta by the end of September.””During the second quarter, we partnered with Swiss-based ZeroSync to work towards broadcasting zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) over the Blockstream Satellite.””The use of ZKP systems like STARKs would make Bitcoin node synchronization near instant for a fraction of the memory overhead, allowing for greater accessibility and lower hardware requirements to validate the mainchain. This essentially would enable users to run a Bitcoin full node with far less bandwidth, exponentially growing the number of Bitcoin nodes in operation for further decentralization of the network.””The first experimental broadcast is anticipated on Blockstream Satellite by year-end.””In April, the Liquid Federation concluded its yearly board elections, comprising three distinct boards tasked with various responsibilities vital to its governance structure:

Membership Board: Entrusted with crafting the guidelines for member inclusion or exclusion based on comprehensive assessments and recommendations.
Oversight Board: Responsible for devising internal rules and procedures for committee organization and management, along with monitoring network status.
Technology Board: Collaborates with Blockstream to craft a technical strategy that addresses the needs of Liquid members and users.””In June, the Federation welcomed six new members—Bcademy, Boltz Exchange, Equitas Foundation, JAN3, MAVEN, and Mifiel.””More recently, the Federation announced the open-source release of Liquid’s functionary code, fulfilling a long-standing goal. The new code allows anyone to audit the Watchmen and Blocksigner code and create their own Liquid-like network with features like Confidential Transactions and digital asset issuance.””Blockstream’s CFO Erik Svenson and CPO Jeff Boortz led our first-ever media briefing… During the briefing, we provided a sneak preview of the highly anticipated Cyberhornet—a modular Bitcoin miner designed to be scalable and suitable for enterprise use.””We will release further details of the Cyberhornet’s build and mining capabilities later this year, with a commercial launch planned for Q3 2024.””For further updates, you can follow us on Twitter @Blockstream, and join the conversation in our Finance, Green, Jade, Lightning, Liquid, and Satellite Telegram channels and the new Build On L2 community platform.”

Full Q2 Report

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