Blockstream Green Android v4.0.20, iOS v4.0.19 Released

If you want to try Lightning on Green wallet, check out this quick guide.

What’s new (Android)

Support Lightning with Jade air-gapped BIP85 mnemonicSupport Jade watch-only import by scanning BCUR animated QR codesEnable 2FA call method as an SMS backupBump GDK to version 0.69Fix keystore key being invalidated when device was unlocked with face biometricsFix amount being calculated incorrectly for locales using comma as decimal separatorVarious bug and crash fixes

What’s new (iOS)

Add watch-only import scanning Jade animated QR codesAdd delegated Lightning account for JadeUpdate Breez SDK to 0.2.7Update GDK to 0.69.0Fix lightning accounts disappearingMinor UI fixes for lightning

v4.0.18 of Blockstream Green wallet for iOS also included the following:

Lightning support LNURL withdrawLightning ShortcutsImprove QR Scanner

GitHub Repo (Android)
GitHub Repo (iOS)

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