Block Opens Bitkey Preorders in 95+ Countries, Shipping Expected in Q1 2024

Bitkey includes a mobile app, hardware device, and a set of recovery tools in case the customer loses the phone, their hardware, or both. Built by the Proto team at Block, Bitkey is now available for pre-orders at”We invite you, and others you know who care about financial ownership and control, to purchase Bitkey so we can together put the keys to bitcoin ownership in the hands of people around the world,” the team said in a blog post. “Bitkey puts two keys in customers’ hands: one is in the mobile app, which enables customers to make bitcoin transactions easily on their mobile phone, track their balance, and manage security preferences; and the second customer-held key is in the hardware device, securely stored offline,” was stated in the press release.”A third key is on Bitkey’s server and is used for only two things: to help customers move bitcoin with just their phone for the transactions they choose to make on the go without their hardware device, and to help customers recover their wallet if they lose their phone or hardware – or even both.””A big thank you to our beta customers across 40+ countries who have already helped us test, learn, and iterate as we get the product ready for global availability.”Recently, the product’s team also shared a paper explaining Bitkey’s recovery design.


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