Block 821503: Important News of the Week

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Tether Freezes All OFAC-Sanctioned Wallets in ‘Proactive’ Security MeasureHow LNbank User Lost 4 BTCElizabeth Warren Wants to Extend Bank Secrecy Act Regulations to Free & Open Source SoftwareUS House Intelligence Committee’s Section 702 Reform’ Bill Marks The Biggest Expansion of Surveillance in United States Since the Patriot ActFASB Officially Adopts Fair Value Accounting Rules for Bitcoin Starting December 2024Bitcoin Freedom Festival 2024 To Take Place in Costa Rica on January 18-20Ledger Connect Kit ExploitedShakepay Leaked Some of Its Customer Information

Updates and releases

ShockWallet and Lightning.Pub Released for Public TestingeNuts v0.2.0-beta: Auto Mint SwappingBitkit v1.0.0-beta.92: Instant Payments, LNURL-withdraw & LNURL-pay Support & MoreLNbits v0.11.3 ReleasedFutureBit Announced Apollo II Line of Personal Bitcoin MinersLDK Node v0.2.0: Pre-flight Probes, API ImprovementsCoinselect v1.1.0: TypeScript Library for Bitcoin Transaction ManagementNerdMiner v1.6.3: 78 KH/s, BTC Price Screen & MoreMutiny Wallet Added Nostr Wallet Auth, Can Now Be Self-Hosted with StartOSCrowdHealth Integrates Lightning with Breez SDK, SDK Core v0.2.12 ReleasedNDK v2.3.0: NIP-42 Support, More Aggressive Caching & MoreMinibits v0.1.5-beta: Seed-based Ecash BackupsCivKit Node v0.0.2: Mainstay Integration, Database Support & MoreGreen Wallet Mobile v4.0.21: UX ImprovementsPhoenix Wallet Android v2.0.15 ReleasedRiver Link Launched: Shareable Bitcoin LinksNew Geyser Launches: Our New Weekly SeriesSamourai Dojo v1.22.0: New API Endpoint, Exclusion of Incompatible Ark’s Developer Hub LaunchedLiana v4.0: Automated Coin Selection, RBF, Cancel & Deposit Address VerificationAmethyst v0.82.3: Selling & Listing, Image Servers & MoreSnort v0.1.24: 3 Column Layout & Other Improvements

Guides and research

Nostr Tech Weekly Report – 12.10.2023Bitcoin Optech #281: Griefing Liquidity AdsHow Bitcoin Jungle Enables 200+ Stores in Costa Rica to Embrace Bitcoin

Mining stats

Bitcoin miners are having another field day thanks to another surge in fees driven by inscriptions.The average Bitcoin network’s hashrate (7 day SMA) is currently at ~493 EH/s.

Lightning stats

Lightning network’s capacity has dropped by another 35 BTC this week and currently is at 5071 BTC. Besides, there are 200 fewer active channels while the number of active nodes remains unchanged, per

Nostr stats

The Nostr protocol added more than 20000 new users this week, per

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