Block 820600: Important News of the Week

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News to Ban Link Sharing and Promotion of Custodial No-KYC MixersU.S. Treasury Seeks Massive Expansion of Warrantless Surveillance & Powers to Sanction Open-Source SoftwareTABConf 2024 to Take Place on October 23-26 in AtlantaSpiral Renews Grant to Johannes HoffmanApple Confirms Governments Use Push Notifications to Surveil UsersUnchained to Pause Bitcoin Backed Loans to IndividualsUnconfiscatable 2023 Livestream – Day 1Nayib Bukele Stepped Away From Presidency to Pursue Second TermUnconfiscatable Conference 2023 – Day 2 LivestreamLedger Live Tracks and Sends ALL User Information to Outsourced Data Harvesting Service

Updates and releases

Primal Debuts on Mobile App Stores: iOS v1.0.4, Android Beta v0.21.4 ReleasedTBD Unveils Tech Preview of tbDEX Open Source Liquidity ProtocolWasabi Wallet v2.0.4.1 ReleasedRoninDojo v2.1.1: Kernel Update, Security Patches & FixesEnvoy v1.4.0: Intuitive Coin Control, New Activity Center & MoreZeus v0.8.0 Is Here: Embedded LND Node, OLYMPUS, Zeus Pay & MoreMutiny Node v0.4.39: Payjoin Support, Dynamic Fees, Nostr Wallet AuthPlebDevs Released a Backend Course for Lightning App DevelopmentBitcoin Keeper v1.1.8: Custom Multisig, Coin Selection & MoreRoninUI v2.4.0: Added Whirlpool UIStacker.News Introduced Territories: User Generated SubsBitcoin Core v26.0: P2P/Network Improvements, Pruning Updates, New RPCs & MoreGrapheneOS v2023120700: December Security UpdateBlock Opens Bitkey Preorders in 95+ Countries, Shipping Expected in Q1 2024LND v0.17.3-beta: Hot Fix ReleasePayjoin CLI v0.0.1-alpha: A Command-line Payjoin Client for Bitcoin CoreRide The Lightning v0.15.0-beta: CLNRest for Core LightningUsers of BTCPay Server’s LNbank Plugin Urged to Upgrade to v1.8.9 ASAP

Research and guides

Nostr Tech Weekly Report – 12.03.2023Guide: How to Become a Lightning Service Provider (LSP)Bitcoin Optech #280: Cluster Mempool, Testing with WarnetBitcoin Mining Around the World: Africa

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty had a small (-0.96%) downwards adjustment today. It went down to 67.31T.The average Bitcoin network’s hashrate (7 day SMA) is currently at ~482 EH/s.

Lightning stats

Lightning network capacity decreased further to 5106 BTC this week. The number of Lightning nodes increased by 50, while the number of open channels declined below 60k.

Nostr stats

The Nostr protocol added more than 7000 new users this week, per

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