Block 819555: Important News of the Week

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Releases and updates

SimpleX Chat v5.4: Link Mobile & Desktop Apps via Quantum-resistant ProtocolDEMAND Launches The First Stratum V2 Bitcoin Mining PoolGrapheneOS v2023112600 ReleasedLNbits v0.11.2: New Service Fee Distributed Torrent Archive on NostrCore Lightning v23.11: Dual Funding Cross-Compatibility with Eclair, More Powerful RPCs & MoreBitcoin Optech #279: Update to The Liquidity Ads SpecificationHodl Hodl Design Improvements: New Contract Flow & MoreBreez Partners with lipa, SDK Core v0.2.10 ReleasedBlockstream Green Android v4.0.20, iOS v4.0.19 ReleasedAlby Extension v3.4.1: UI Improvements

Mining stats

The average Bitcoin network’s hashrate (7 day SMA) is currently at ~491 EH/s.The next difficulty adjustment is expected to happen next weekend.

Lightning stats

The Lightning Network capacity is down from 5425 BTC to 5140 BTC this week. The number of active nodes and channels is down by ~1%, too.

Nostr stats

The Nostr protocol has added nearly ~5000 new users this week.

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