Block 818556: Important News of the Week

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Anarcho-Capitalist Javier Milei Wins Argentine PresidencyOpenSats Grants Long-Term Support to Will ClarkBittrex Global Is Shutting Down For GoodSEC Sues Kraken For Operating Unregistered Securities PlatformF2Pool Is Likely Filtering OFAC-Sanctioned Transactions – ReportCZ Pleads Guilty, Steps Down as CEO of Binance in $4.3 Billion Settlement with DOJF2Pool Disables Transaction Filtering Patch (For Now)Apple Deactivates Zeus Developer Account Following Antitrust Lawsuit by Cash App & Venmo Users83 BTC Transaction Fee Sets a New Record in Fiat TermsSpiral Renewed Grants to Ruben Somsen and WalletScrutinyWallet of Satoshi to Stop Serving Customers in the United States

Updates and releases

Boltz Backend v3.3.0 & Web App v1.1.2 ReleasedTrezor Suite v23.11.3 ReleasedCubit: A Powerful and Reliable x86 MicroserverCitadel v0.3.1 and New Installation Tool Concept for Migrating Compromised Nostr KeysFloresta v0.5.1: Bugfixes & Minor FeatureseNuts v0.1.0-beta: New Features & UX ImprovementsSparrow Wallet v1.8.1: Oxt Fee Rates Estimator, Slider Improvements & MoreStrike Announced Buy Bitcoin Globally, Partnership with BitrefillLND v0.17.2-beta: Concurrency Related Bug Hot FixMutiny Wallet iOS Now Available on Testflight for Mutiny+ SubscribersStartOS v0.3.5.1: Bugfix Release10101 v1.6.1: Public Beta LaunchPeach Bitcoin App v0.3.4: Updated Reputation SystemBlixt Wallet v0.6.9-420: Lightning BoxTrueVote: Open-Source Voting Platform Using OpenTimestamps & NostrBitBanana v0.7.0 ReleasedEnvoy v1.4.0-beta: Intuitive Coin Control & MoreUnchained Added Bakkt as Collaborative Custody Partner, Improved Trading Desk


Bitcoin Optech #278: Offers-compatible LN AddressesBBQr: Better Bitcoin QR

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty had a significant upwards adjustment of 5.07% today and is currently at 67.96 T. This was a sixth positive difficulty adjustment in a row since September 6th.The network’s hashrate (7 day SMA) has gone up to ~486 EH/s.

Lightning stats

There are 5425 BTC in the Lightning network, along with 13806 nodes and slightly less than 61000 channels.

Nostr stats

Per, over 5000 new users joined the Nostr protocol this week, which is several times fewer compared to 18000 new users last week. The influx of new users was attributed to Thailand, where a viral Nostr video was reportedly shared on Thai TikTok.

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