Block 817500: Important News of the Week

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Armed Bitcoin Robberies Surge In Sweden Due to Open Data on CitizensNostrasia Hackathon Recap: Winners, Awards & Honorable MentionsBitcoin-Dev Mailing List Is (Still) Looking for New HomeNew Spiral Grantee: Will ClarkChat Control: EU Parliament Adopts Position Against Mass SurveillanceZeroSync Receives Spiral Grant to Work on Bitcoin ProofsMutiny Wallet Makes Sending Hodl Zaps to Zeus Wallet An Optional Feature

Updates and releases

GrapheneOS v2023110700: November Security PatchFlockstr: Events & Meetups on NostrCipherchat: Encrypted Messaging Over the Lightning NetworkBreez SDK Core v0.2.9 ReleasedPrimal Android v0.20.4, iOS v0.90.3 ReleasedRiver Launched Android App and Hourly Recurring OrdersFedimint v0.1.4: Bug Fixes, Extending Client FunctionalityResolvr: Decentralized Escrow & Dispute Resolution for FOSS BountiesHuman Rights Foundation Launched Its CBDC TrackerZeus v0.8.0-beta3: New Branding & FixesPhoenix Android v2.0.12, iOS v2.0.7 ReleasedMinibits v0.1.4-beta: Bug Fixes & ImprovementsCashu Nutshell v0.14.0: P2PK, DLEQ Proofs, Mint & Wallet ImprovementsLND v0.17.1-beta: Optimizations & Bug FixesNostree v0.1.5: Themes, UI & UX ImprovementsFulcrum v1.9.6: Minor Protocol UpgradeCurrent App v0.1.4: PlebAI Integration, Unlimited Access SubscriptionNayuta Wallet Android v0.4.0, iOS v1.3.0 ReleasedDamus v1.6 App Store Release: Long-form Note Support & MoreYakiHonne Mobile Apps for Nostr Long-form Content Now Available for Testing

Guides and research

BitStream: Decentralized File Hosting Incentivized via Bitcoin PaymentsBitcoin Optech #277: Ephemeral Anchors Proposal Update, Miniscript Field Report

Mining stats

Bitcoin hashrate (7 day MA) is currently at ~464 EH/s.The next difficulty adjustment is set to occur in less than 1000 blocks or ~7 days.Bitcoin transaction fees skyrocketed again this week, making it a highly profitable period for miners.

Lightning stats

Lightning network capacity is currently at 5365 BTC.There are 30 nodes and 400 fewer channels on the network this week, per

Nostr stats

There are ~ 18000 new users on the Nostr protocol, per

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