Block 816434: Important News of the Week

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PayPal Subpoenaed by the SEC Over Its PYUSD Stablecoin85% of Whirlpool Users Are Using Self-Hosted SolutionsGemini UK to Block Bitcoin Transfers To and From Non-Approved ExchangesAdopting Bitcoin 2023 Livestream – Day 1Blink Introduces Blink API, Fiat Integration & Partnership with Distribuidora MorazánAthena Bitcoin To Integrate Lightning Network to Its ATMs Starting with El SalvadorFake Ledger Live App on Microsoft App Store Used to Steal 16.8+ BTCAdopting Bitcoin 2023 – Day 2 LivestreamBitBanana v0.6.8: Stealth Mode & UX ImprovementsLNeSIM: Buy Travel eSIMs Over the Lightning NetworkSparrow Wallet v1.8.0: Transaction Diagram Captions, Open Wallets Search & MoreRoman Sterlingov’s Defense To Examine Chainalysis Heuristics Under Protective Order, Trial Moved to FebruarySwan Bitcoin to Limit Customers Interacting with Privacy Services Due to Partner PolicyCoin Center’s Tornado Cash OFAC Sanctions Lawsuit Dismissed Due to DAO Structure and TORN Shitcoin

Updates and releases

MyNode v0.3.23: Software Updates & FixesGeyser Is Migrating to NostrZaprite Launched Integration with AlbyStrike Added Direct Deposits, Wires, Cards & MoreFulcrum v1.9.5: Hotfix ReleaseElectrs v0.10.1 ReleasedBitEscrow: Non-Custodial Escrow for Bitcoin TransactionsStacker.News Added Image UploadsStartOS v0.3.5: Performance & Reliability ImprovementsBlixt Wallet v0.6.9: Simple Taproot Channels, Persistent Mode & More


Durabit: Bitcoin-native Incentive Mechanism for Data DistributionBitcoin Optech #276: Bitcoin-Dev Mailing List HostingScionic Merkle DAG Trees: Backwards-Compatible Integration with Nostr for Multimedia Hosting

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty is set to adjust higher in ~50 blocks today. The network’s hashrate (7 day MA) is at ~461 EH/s.

Lightning stats

Lightning network capacity is at 5342 BTC, while the node count is back above 14000.

Nostr stats

The Nostr protocol has added over 12000 new users last week, per stats by

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