Block 815306: Important News of the Week

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Biden Executive Order Sets the Stage for Burdensome AI RegulationsTBD, Circle, Linux Foundation Announced New Initiative for Decentralized Identity and Open Payment StandardsWSJ, Elliptic Quietly Issued Small Corrections to Misleading DataNostrasia 2023 Livestream – Day 1Tether Q3 Attestation Show Highest Percentage of Cash & Cash Equivalent Reserves Yielding Close to ~$1BnMicroStrategy Added 155 BTC in October, Now Holds 158400 BTCNostrasia 2023 – Day 2 LivestreamNostrasia 2023 Livestream – Day 3Kollider Lightning Derivatives Exchange and Wallet Is Shutting DownFederal Reserve Threatens to Sue Bitcoin Magazine Over FEDNOW Parody Merch

Releases and updates

Doppler: Lightning Domain-Specific LanguageLume v2.0.0: New UI, nsecBunker & Outbox Model SupportZeus v0.8.0-beta2: Improvements and FixesTorq v1.3.0: Refined Dashboard, Advanced Workflow Channel Filters & MoreAzteco Vouchers Now Available in Italy at 5000+ MrPay LocationsPadawan Wallet v0.12.0: Now In Bitcoin & Lightning ResourcesFulcrum v1.9.3: Improved SynchMempoolTask PerformanceGrapheneOS v2023103000: Infrastructure for Hardware Memory Tagging SupportStartOS Is Now Available Under the MIT LicenseLiana v3.0: BitBox02 Support, Labels & MoreBraiins OS+ v23.10: Remote Installation & New Miner ModelsMutiny Wallet v0.4.28: Onion Message Routing

Guides and research

Bitcoin Optech #275: Scripting Changes

Mining stats

Bitcoin hashrate (7 day moving average) is currently at ~448 EH/s.

Lightning stats

The Lightning network capacity has increased to 5355 BTC, while the number of nodes and channels remained relatively unchanged.

Nostr stats

Per, the Nostr network added over 10000 new users and surpassed 600000 user milestone.

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