Block 814263: Important News of the Week

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Argentina’s Inflation Crisis – Full DocumentaryInside an IRL $30 Million Cash-for-Bitcoin Exchange Operation in the Heart of New YorkEuropean Central Bank Decided to Proceed with CBDC PreparationWSJ Article Used to Pressure US Treasury into Proposing Insane Bitcoin Regulations Overstated Funds Raised by Hamas by Over 99%OpenSats Provides Long-Term Support for Matt MorehouseNYAG Filed Complaint Against Gemini, Genesis, DCG, Michael Moro and Barry Silbert Over Earn & Covering Up $1Bn HoleOur Data in WSJ Article on Hamas Crypto Fundraising ‘Was Misrepresented’, Says Surveillance Firm EllipticUK’s Law Enforcement Can Now Seize Bitcoin Linked to Criminal Activity Without ConvictionUpdate: Customer Data May Have Leaked From a 3rd Party Shipping Provider – BlockstreamMarathon Digital Plans to Raise $750M via Hybrid Equity Offering(s)OpenSats Announces Long-Term Support for FurszyWhy Blockchain Surveillance Needs FinCEN’s Patriot Act PloyKraken to Send Customer Data to the IRS in NovemberGemini Sues Genesis Over $1.6 Billion Worth of GBTC

Updates and releases

CalyxOS v5.0.1: Android 14 for Pixels 5 and NewerAmber v0.5.0: History Screen, Support for Multiple Accounts & MoreRelai Integrates Lightning Using Breez SDK & GreenlightZeus v0.8.0 Open Beta Launched: Embedded Node, Olympus & MoreLDK v0.0.118: BOLT12 Sending & ReceivingZapplePay Added AutoZap SubscriptionsMicroBT Debuts WhatsMiner M60 SeriesLedger Now Lets You Pay $9.99 per Month to ID Your Cold Wallet’s Seed and Send It To Trusted Third PartiesBreez SDK Core v0.2.7 ReleasedLightspark Introduced Travel Rule Compliant LNURL for Regulated EntitiesHighlighter v2.0: DVM Support, Recurring Subscriptions, Zap Splits & MoreMinibits v0.1.3-beta: LNURL Pay & Withdraw, Zaps, Onion MintsBlueWallet v6.4.10: Fixes & ImprovementsNayuta Wallet Is Open Source NowCOLDCARD Mk4 v6.21X Edge Firmware ReleasedBitmain Introduces Antminer T21Simple Bitcoin Wallet v2.5.7: Multiwallet SendsSpring Browser v0.6.0: Payments History, UX ImprovementsCathedraOS: Bitcoin Mining Firmware by Cathedra BitcoinBitcoin Core v24.2 & Full-RBF Peering v25.1 ReleasedAmethyst v0.80.1: FOSS Push Notifications

Research and guides

How Does a Lightning Replacement Cycling Attack Work – Illustrated PrimerHow to Enable Bitcoin Payments for Merchants at Events Using BTCPay ServerFeature Comparison Matrix for Nostr ClientsLend by Hodl Hodl: No-KYC Bitcoin Lending & Borrowing TutorialBitcoin Optech #274: Replacement Cycling Vulnerability Against HTLCsBTCPay Server Case Study: Coincards

Mining stats

Bitcoin network’s hashrate (7 day moving average) is currently at 440 EH/s.Next Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustment is set to occur in ~33 hours or 200 blocks.

Lightning stats

Lightning network capacity decreased from 5400 BTC to 5311 BTC this week. The number of network nodes fell below 14,000, and there are approximately 800 fewer channels compared to last weekend.

Nostr stats

Over 5000 new users joined Nostr last week, according to

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