Block 813220: Important News of the Week

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Key Points from Snowden’s Speech at Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023OpenSats Grants Long-Term Support to Vasil DimovSEC Did Not Appeal Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF Court DecisionCalifornia’s ‘BitLicense’ Bill Signed Into LawAI Tool Lets Bitcoiners Flood IRS with Comments Against New Draconian Surveillance RegimeDisclosure: Replacement Cycling Attacks on the Lightning NetworkSilk Road Hacker Showed Feds $70M Worth of Bitcoin on His Laptop Before Getting ArrestedElon Musk’s X Starts Charging New Users $1 per Year to Unlock PostingOpenSats Announces Third Wave of Nostr GrantsOpenSats Announces Long-Term Support for Gleb NaumenkoFinCEN Seeks to Impose Strict Surveillance Requirements onto Broadly Defined Class of ‘Bitcoin Mixers’New Class of Replacement Cycling Attacks Might Put Lightning Network in Perilous Position

Updates and releases

SATSLINK: Multipurpose Communications Device by CoinkiteWasabi Wallet Announced Coinjoin API for EnterprisesPeach Bitcoin v0.3.2: Connect to Your Own NodeBitVM Online: Play with Tapleaf CircuitsWordPress Plugins for Nostr: Nostress & NostrtiumCitadel v0.2.9 & v0.3.0 LTS ReleasedBlock Completes The First Prototype of MDK HashboardSentinel v5.0.0: Collections, Ability to Compose Unsigned Transactions & MoreMash Partners with TFTC, Launches v2.0 Publisher Monetization ProductsLNbits v0.11.1: Bugfix ReleaseNodeyez v23.10: Geyser Spotlights Panel & BugfixesBlueWallet v6.4.9: Airdrop MultiSig CosignerWavlake Added Artist SplitsBTCPay Server v1.11.7: Bug Fixes & Community Resource for Aspiring Bitcoin-Lightning Ecosystem BuildersSimLN v0.1.0: Payment Activity Generator for the Lightning NetworknoStrudel Update: Zap Splits & UI DVM Client for Working with ImagesRoboSats v0.5.3-alpha: Face-to-Face Cash TradesBitBox Partners with Breez to Bring Lightning to the BitBoxAppUnchained Launches Its Financial Advice Service Sound AdvisoryBitkit v1.0.0-beta.86: Receive Instant Payments Without Setup & MoreTaproot Assets v0.3.0-alpha: First Mainnet ReleaseOnramp Launches New Multisig Custody PlatformBitcoin Core v25.1: Bug Fixes, Improvements, Updated TranslationsStrike Partners with Bitrefill, Enables Zero-value Lightning Invoices

Research and guides

How to Develop a Non-Custodial Bitcoin Lightning Wallet Using Flutter and LDKBitcoin Optech #273: Payments Contingent on Arbitrary Computation

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty had a significant upwards adjustment (+6.47%) and reached 61.03T – a new all-time high.The network’s hashrate (7 day MA) currently sits at ~444 EH/s.

Lightning stats

The Lightning Network capacity is at ~5400 BTC shared across 14000+ nodes and 63k channels.

Nostr stats

This week, the Nostr protocol added over 3000 new users, per number of daily active trusted pubkeys remains slightly below 10000, while the number of weekly trusted pubkeys remains above 21000, per

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