Block 812150: Important News of the Week

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Updates and releases

GrapheneOS v2023100800: Android 14 ReleaseHostr: Decentralized Web Hosting Solution on NostrBisq v1.9.14: Added MercadoPago, Updated Java Runtime & MorePlasma: Core Lightning Powered iOS WalletTapleaf Circuits: Proof-of-Concept Implementation of BitVMScaling Lightning v0.3.1 ReleasedRide The Lightning v0.14.1-beta: Taproot ChannelsColdcard Mk4 v5.2.0: Seed Vault, PSBTv2 & MoreAlby Extension v3.3.0: On-Chain Send & ReceiveBlockstream Greenlight Is Now Open For BusinessTrezor Introduces Safe 3 Signing Device & Trezor Keep Metal BackupSpring Browser v0.3.0: nsecBunker SupportShipyard: Focused Writing and Scheduling for Nostr NotesTor Browser v13.0: First Stable Release on Firefox ESR 115

Research and guides

BitVM: Compute Anything on BitcoinThe Lightning Network Grew by 1212% in 2 Years – River ResearchBitcoin Optech #272: Specification for OP_TXHASHSurvival of the Biggest: Large Banks & Financial Crises

Mining stats

Bitcoin hashrate (7-day MA) is currently hovering around its new highs at ~432 EH/s.Next Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustment is expected to happen within 300 blocks or in ~47 hours.

Lightning stats

The Lightning network capacity is currently well above 5315 BTC.The total number of Lightning nodes is down to 14255, while the number of active channels went down to 63439.

Nostr stats

Nearly 5000 new users joined Nostr last week, per number of daily active users remains at 9000+, while weekly active pubkeys (excluding spam) writing events declined to 20535 last week.

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