Block 811118: Important News of the Week

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CEO of Nchain Group Quits, Admits That Craig Wright is a FraudHow Bitcoin Blockchain Is Fighting Fraud in Guatemala‘s Presidential ElectionsZBD x PlebLab TabConf Hackathon Projects & Panels ReleasedX (Twitter) Now Collects More Data Than Ever, Including BiometricsApple Bows to China, Starts Enforcing App Store Regulations in the CountryUS Government Argues That Disclosure of Chainalysis Heuristics Would ‘Jeopardize Law Enforcement Investigations’Volcano Energy Partners with Luxor to Launch First El Salvador’s Mining PoolThe Bank Runs Continue: Metro Bank Reportedly Trying to Raise £600 MillionPacific Bitcoin 2023 Livestream – Day 1Uzbekistan Issues Ban on Individual Bitcoin Mining OperationsPacific Bitcoin 2023 – Day 2 LivestreamEuropean Commission Initiates €800k Study on How to Best Address ‘Bitcoin’s Environmental Impact’

Updates and releases

Phoenix Wallet v2.0 Upgrade Now Being Deployed to iOS Users, Android v2.0.9 ReleasedPlebAI: Access Open Source Large Language Models For SatsNostur v1.7.0: Performance ImprovementsObscura VPN Announced: Privacy-by-DesignPrimal Android v0.16.9, iOS v0.30.4 ReleasedGrapheneOS v2023100100 v0.3.0: Reliability Improvements, Satellite CDN Support, Service Relay & MoreCitadel v0.2.6 and v0.2.7 Released: Bug Fixes and UpdatesRiver Lightning Launched LNURL Payments and Lightning VouchersListr v2.0 Beta: UX Improvements, New List TypesPeach Bitcoin App v0.3.1 and Public API ReleasedBlockstream Jade v1.0.23: Saving Multisig Wallet ConfigurationsMutiny Wallet v0.4.20: Blazing Fast Payments, Easier Self-HostingBitcoin Core Merged BIP-324 and AssumeUTXO ProposalsLND v0.17.0 Beta: Simple Taproot ChannelsLDK v0.0.117: Improved Payment Success Rates, Bug Fixes & MoreNostr Playground: Experiment with Nostr’s Multifaceted FeaturesBoltz Web App v1.1.0: UX ImprovementsUnchained Introduced Its Enterprise Collaborative Custody NetworkMutiny Wallet v0.4.21: Introducing GiftsTheya Multisig Wallet Is Now In Public BetaParmanode v3.7.5, ParmanodL v2.0 and ParmaZero ReleasedZeus v0.8.0-alpha49 with Simple Taproot Channels Rolled Out to Alpha TestersLNbits v0.11.0: Node Management UI for Core Lightning & LNDStacker.News Added Nostr Crossposting, Quote Replies & MoreSwan Partners with Blockstream to Launch Swan VaultMemestr: Nostr Hub for MemesBDK v0.29.0: Maintenance ReleaseESP Miner Firmware v2.0.0 for Bitaxe Max and Bitaxe Ultra ReleasedBreez SDK Core v0.2.5: Zero Fee Anchor Channels SupportSamourai Wallet v0.99.98i: Full PSBT Support, Post-send UI, Batch Spend JSON Import & MoreSmart Vaults for Testnet Available on iOS TestflightAmethyst v0.79.2: Performance Updates, Mute Words, Immersive ScrollingStrike Private Announced: Strike’s White-glove ServiceShopstr: Decentralized Classifieds Marketplace Using Lightning & CashuLightning Terminal v0.11.0-alpha ReleasedRoninDojo v2.1.0: Handling IP Changes

Research and guides

Hunting the Real Bitcoin Network HashrateBitcoin Optech #271: Secure Remote Control of LN Nodes & MoreA Curated List of 150 Bitcoin-only Grassroots Initiatives1.4 Billion People Lack Access to Financial Services – PwC ReportDrivechains: From A Bitcoin Miners’ Perspective

Mining stats

The Bitcoin network’s hashrate (7 day MA) is currently reaching 415 EH/s.Bitcoin mining difficulty had a small upwards adjustment t0 57.32T (+0.35%).

Lightning stats

The Lightning network’s capacity has gone up by ~850 BTC, reaching 5338 BTC and thus returning near its all-time highs.Despite the increase, the network now has almost 500 fewer nodes (-3.6%), while the number of channels remains largely unchanged (-0.3%).

Nostr stats

There are now almost 576k users on Nostr, according to to Nostr.Band stats, the number of daily active Nostr users remains above 9000, while the number of weekly active Nostr users remains above 21000.

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