Block 810000: Important News of the Week

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MicroStrategy Acquired 5445 BTC for ~$147M By Issuing More Common StockBitcoin Minecraft Server Satlantis Ordered to Shut Down Bitcoin Rewards Functionality After Distributing 1 BTCAnchorWatch Raises $3M Funding Round Led By Ten31HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund Gifts 19 BTC for 15 Bitcoin ProjectsRipple Won’t Go Forward With Acquisition of Fortress TrustPay-to-Snitch Surveillance Firm Arkham Intelligence Says It Identified Nearly 1M BTC in Coinbase WalletsMARA Pool’s Invalid Block 809478 Had a Transaction Ordering Issue

Updates and releases

Gossip v0.8.0: Zaps, DMs, New Relay UX & MoreSimpleX Chat v5.3: Desktop App, Local File Encryption and Improved GroupsGigsats v0.2.0: Bitcoin Marketplace for Freelance ServicesTrident Vault Launched Open Beta on TestneteNuts v0.0.4-beta: Smoother, More Reliable ExperienceNDK v1.3.0: Massive User Profile Speedup, Zap Splits & MoreEXIT: Port Your X (Twitter) Data into NostrLightning Network+ Liquidity Pool LaunchedPROXNUT: Cashu Proxy Crafted to Protect and Monetize Web Resources0xChat v1.2.1-beta: Voice and Video Call Capabilities$Prism: Lightning Prisms on Nostr NotesRaspiBlitz v1.10.0: Stability Fixes & Software UpdatesBTCPay Server v1.11.6: Bug Fixes and ImprovementsFulcrum v1.9.2: Maintenance ReleaseBitBanana v0.6.7: Channel Fee Hacker News Style Nostr Client


Bitcoin Optech #270: Using Covenants to Improve LN ScalabilityBitcoin Knowledge and Perceptions 2023 – Block Report

Mining stats

Bitcoin’s hashrate is now reaching 417 EH/s (7 day moving average).Next difficulty adjustment is expected to happen in ~3 days.Bitcoin mempool has been clearing out this week. 4 sat/vB transactions are being mined this weekend.Bitcoin halving is less than 30000 blocks (~7 months) away.

Lightning stats

Lightning network capacity is down by more than 400 BTC since last week.The network also lost 800+ (over 5%) nodes and dropped more than 5000 (-7.5%) channels, per

Nostr stats

Nostr network welcomed 2000 new users this week, according to are over 9000 daily active users writing events, and over 21,000 weekly active trusted (non-spam) pubkeys posting on Nostr, per Nostr.Band stats.

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