Block 809000: Important News of the Week

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Fold Is Working to Onboard New Trading and Custody PartnersEU Parliament Passed DAC8: Crypto Service Providers Will Have to Report All Transaction Information on EU Operator Cøbra Must Reveal Identity to Defend Themselves, U.K. High Court RulesUK Parliament Undermines Privacy, Security and Freedom of All Internet Users by Passing the ‘Online Safety Bill’River Is Working on Non-Custodial No KYC Lightning Payments Solution for DevelopersMullvad Partnered with Tailscale, Completed Migration to RAM-only VPN InfrastructurePlebLab’s Summer 2023 Startup Day Videos Are Now AvailableGitLab Urges Users to Install Security Updates for Critical Pipeline FlawBitmain Unveils Antminer S21 SeriesLegends of Lightning Vol. 2 To Take Place on October 5 – December 17

Updates and releases

Phoenix Android v2.0.6, iOS v2.0 Beta is Now on TestflightBreez Mobile v0.16 (iOS v1.0.22): UI Improvements & Bug FixesZeus v0.8.0-alpha Now Available to Olympus Subscribers, Open Beta Is Coming SoonMutiny Node v0.4.17: NWC Budgeting Blockstream Green Lightning Integration Coming by the End of September – Q2 ReportFormstr: Free and Open Source Alternative to Google FormsAlby Developer Portal LaunchedNix Bitcoin v0.0.98 ReleasedAmethyst v0.77.0-alpha: Amber SupportThe Bitcoin Company’s Web App Added Auth47 Paynym AccountsSnort v0.1.14: Zap SplitsDiamond Hands Partners with Boltz, Releases Improved DH Swap ServiceVirtual Bolt Card: Contactless Lightning Payments for AndroidIVPN Light: Short-Term VPN Access Priced in SatsMutiny Wallet v0.4.19: NWC BudgetingGrapheneOS v2023091800 ReleasedSamourai Dojo v1.21.0: $1 Fee EstimatorNew.Nostryfied.Online: Accelerated Instant Nostr BackupsSimple Bitcoin Wallet v2.5.2: Ability to Attach External WalletsStartOS, UmbrelOS Now Let You Self-Host Private AI ModelsMinibits Wallet Is Now In Open Beta Testing on Google Get Bitcoin Price Without Any Exchange or 3rd PartySpecter Desktop v2.0.2: Multi-Descriptor Multisig Wallet ImportBalance of Satoshis v16.0.1: Change Default Address Type to P2TRDamus v1.6.18 (TestFlight): NostrDB ProfilesTrezor Suite v23.9.3: Simplified Bitcoin-only Firmware UIFedimint v0.1.0: First Official Fedimint ReleaseAlby Extension v3.2.1: Onchain Swaps, Bug Fixes, UI ImprovementsBTCPay Server v1.11.5: Minor Features and Bug FixesYana v0.10.10: NWC IntegrationZapThreads: Threaded Comments Component Built on NostrJam v0.1.6: Wallet Imports

Guides and research

Bitcoin Optech #269: Bitcoin Research DayHow Hodl Hodl Used BTCPay to Onboard 20 Merchants & Facilitate 1.1 BTC at Bitcoin Conference – Case StudySeedSigner Independent Custody Guide

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty adjusted upwards by 5.48% and reached a new all-time high at 57.12T.The current network’s hashrate (7 day MA) surpassed 400 EH/s and is currently at ~406 EH/s.

Lightning stats

The Lightning network capacity continues its upwards climb and is currently at 4899 BTC.The network’s total node count has risen by 1.7% as well, reaching 15627 nodes, while the total channel count increased by 1.5%, up to 68829 channels on the network.

Nostr stats finds that approximately 2500 new nostr users joined the network this week.The number of daily active (trusted) nostr users remains above 9000, while weekly active (trusted) users were at 20929 last week, according to

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