Block 806888: Important News of the Week

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Baltic Honeybadger 2023 Day 2 LivestreamBTCPay Server Partners with Spiral and LDK to Develop BTCPay AppBtrust Acquires African Bitcoin Talent Development firm QalaSupport for Mercury Wallet To Be Discontinued As Developers Focus on Mercury Domain is for Sale for $5 MillionFASB Votes To Introduce New Fair Value Accounting Rules For BitcoinEl Salvador to Bring Bitcoin Education in Public Schools as Part of Curriculum in 2024New KYC/AML Compliance Protocol Proposed by Ethereum Founder Vitalik ButerinBLASTPASS iPhone Zero-Click, Zero-Day Exploit: Users Urged to Update ImmediatelyOpenSats Announces Long Term Support for Bitcoin Core Developer Sjors ProvoostBitBlockBoom 2024 to Take Place in Dallas on April 11-14Ripple Acquires Fortress Trust Used by Swan Bitcoin

Updates and releases

GrapheneOS v2023090200 ReleasedLibwally Core v0.9.2: Recommended UpgradeBTCPay Server v1.11.4 ReleasedMachankura Implemented Additive Batching with RBF For Onchain TransactionsSnort v0.1.13: New Design, Native Key Storage for AndroidCurrent App v0.1.2: UI Improvements & MorePrimal Launched Content Moderation System For NostrFountain v0.8.0: Music Podcasts, Player & Performance Updateslibsecp256k1 v0.4.0: New Ellswift ModuleNutstash Wallet Browser Extension ReleasedRoninDojo v2.0.2: HotfixBreez SDK Core v0.2.3: Dynamic Fee Selection According to LSP & More10101 iOS v1.2.5: Non-Custodial Synthetic USD Using DLCs on Lightning NetworkMutiny Node v0.4.16: Zap Feed & Nostr ContactsRonin UI v2.3.0: New Pairing PageLNp2pBot v0.9.0: Typescript SupportMostro v0.8.0 ReleasedRGB v0.10: Stable ReleaseLiana v2.0: Simplified Installation, Reuse xPub in Descriptor & MoreNDK v1.0 Released: OutBox ModelJoinStr: Decentralized CoinJoin Implementation Using NostrSimLN: A Tool For Simulating Realistic Lightning Payment ActivityColdcard Mk4 Firmware v5.1.4: Batch PSBT Sign, Bugfixes & More


Bitcoin Optech #267: Bitcoin TX Compression, Privacy Enhanced Co-SigningBitcoin Mining Around the World: Oman

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty has adjusted downwards by 2.65% this week and is now at 54.15T.Currently, the network’s average (7 day MA) hashrate is at approximately ~381 EH/s.

Lightning stats

The Lightning network’s capacity increased by more than 40 BTC since last week. There are also 20 more nodes and nearly 650 more channels, per

Nostr stats registered more than 5000 new Nostr users this week.According to stats, the number of daily active users is climbing back towards 10000, while the number of weekly active (trusted) users publishing events were at 21743 last week.

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