Block 805900: Important News of the Week

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River To Reduce Its Lightning Node Capacity Further by 48%Grayscale Wins Appeal Against SEC Overturing Its Decision on Bitcoin ETFBaltic Honeybadger 2023 Day 1 Livestream

Updates and releases

BTCPay Server v1.11.3: Brush Ups and Minor Nostr Client to Interact with Data Vending Added Lightning Prisms, Toasts, Clearer Withdrawal OptionsZaprite Platform Upgrades: Payment Links, New Receive Integrations, Subscription Plans & MoreNDK v0.8.21: The Protocol Is the App StoreFloresta v0.5.0 ReleasedMutiny Wallet v0.4.14: Web and Android Feature ParityNayuta Wallet Android v0.2.0: LNURL Pay QR Code SupportJoinmarket v0.9.10: RBF Fee Bumping, Improvements & Bug FixesSparrow Wallet v1.7.9: Wallet Accounts Summary Dialog & MorePeach Bitcoin v0.3.0: Open Source Code, Full Wallet Functionality, GroupHug & Global South ExpansionBitcoin Tribe v2.2.3: Additional Border Wallet Functionality

Guides and Research

RoboSats Is Decentralizing: How To Become RoboSats Federation CoordinatorNucleus: Capital-efficient Multipeer Lightning PaymentsHousehold Electricity Costs to Mine 1 Bitcoin at Home Globally – CoinGecko ReportBitcoin Optech #266: LN Fake Funding, Covenant Mashup

Mining stats

The next difficutly adjustment is expected to happen in the next 4 days or 500 blocks. The 7 day (MA) hashrate dropped down from ~400 EH/s to ~382 EH/s this week.

Lightning stats

The Lightning network capacity dropped by approximately 15 BTC this week, followed by a small decline in network nodes and channels.

Nostr stats

The number of Nostr users has grown by more than 5000 in the last 7 days, according to stats, the number of daily active Nostr users has bounced back above 10000, while the number of weekly active users remains steady above 22000.

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