Block 804962: Important News of the Week

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ProtonMail Complied with 5957 Data Requests in 2022Bitcoin Atlantis Conference To Take Place in Madeira on March 1-3, 2024Tornado Cash Developers Charged with Money Laundering and Sanctions Violations by US GovtNew Tornado Cash Indictments Run Counter to FinCEN Guidance – Coin CenterOman Is Set To Invest Over $1.1Bn In Privately-Owned Bitcoin Mining FacilitiesDoS: Fake Lightning ChannelsNodal Power Raised $13 Million Seed Round to Mine Bitcoin at LandfillsNew Spiral Grantee Michael Haase; Vasil Dimov’s Grant Gets RenewedVulpem Ventures Awarded Open Source Development Grant to BurakU.S. Department of the Treasury, IRS Released Proposed Regulations on Sales and Exchanges of Bitcoin for Brokers

Updates and releases

Amethyst v0.74.3: Private DMs and Group Chats, UI Improvements & MoreNostur v1.5.0: Music Streams, Relay Feeds & MoreBitBanana v0.6.6 ReleasedCLBOSS Is Being Maintained Once AgainWasabi Wallet v2.0.4: Faster Wallet Load, RBF, CPFP & MoreElectrum v4.4.6: Security UpgradeHardware Wallet Interface v2.3.1Pulsar: Private Nostr Chat App That Protects MetadataBitBox App v4.39.0, Firmware v9.15.0: Miniscript Support, Security Update & MoreCore Lightning v23.08: Satoshi’s SuccessorTor Launches Proof-of-Work Defense for Onion ServicesBitAxe Ultra: 3rd Major Revision Based on BM1366 Non-Custodial Lightning Address Server with Base Layer SupportIris v0.2.2: Note Previews, Quick Zaps & MoreJoltz Launched Bitcoin Rewards APIThunderhub v0.13.21 ReleasedSpring v0.1.0: The Nostr BrowserValidating Lightning Signer (VLS) v0.10.0: Improved Performance on Low Resource SignersNix Bitcoin v0.0.97 ReleasedAmber v0.0.6: New UI & FixesHighlighter Extension v0.2.1: Create Nostr Highlights Anywhere on the WebSnort.Social Has Been RedesignedNostree v0.1.2: Linktree Style Nostr Client

Guides and research

Bitcoin Optech #265: Fraud Proofs for Outdated Backup State

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficutly has adjusted upwards by more than 6% and reached a record 55.62T. The 7 day (MA) hashrate has surpassed 400 EH/s.

Lightning stats

The Lightning network capacity has gone up by more than 60 BTC this week and is currently reaching 4758 BTC. The number of network nodes and channels declined by approximately 1% as there are over a 100 nodes and 700 channels less compared to the week before.

Nostr stats

The number of Primal users increased by over 3000 during the last 7 days, per stats, active daily users writing events went up to 8500 in the recent days, while the number of active weekly users dropped slightly below 20000.

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