Block 801822: Important News of the Week

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Coinbase CEO: SEC Asked To Stop Trading In Everything Except BitcoinHRF Bounty #11: Non-Custodial Mobile Wallet with BIP47 Payment CodesBitcoin ATM Firm Bity Takes On Swiss Regulator For ‘Undemocratic’ KYC LimitsThe U.K. Government Is Dangerously Close to Eroding Encryption and Normalizing Mass SurveillanceCoinbase Is Still ‘Looking Into How To Best Add Lightning‘Someone Used Rewards Bug on Stacker.News to Withdraw 20M SatsMicroStrategy Acquired 467 BTC in July, Prepares to Raise Up To $750M MoreFollowing Scrutiny in Kenya and Europe, Worldcoin Says It Will Let Interested 3rd Parties Use Its ID SystemTether Bought 1529 BTC in Q2, Holds More US Treasuries Than AustraliaFitch Downgraded U.S. Long-Term Debt Citing Structural Concerns About U.S. Budget DeficitsIlya Lichtenstein and Razzlekhan Pleaded Guilty to Bitfinex 2016 Heist and Money Laundering ConspiracyNearly Half of Block’s $5.5 Billion Q2 Revenue Came From Bitcoin SalesVoltage Partners with Human Rights Foundation to Help Dissidents, NGOs Accept Bitcoin Donations

Releases and updates

Zeus v0.7.7: Fixes and ImprovementsTimechain Calendar v0.3: Last 24 Hours of Blocks, Improved Layout & MoreBlink (ex-Bitcoin Beach) Wallet v2.2.105 Adds LNURL PaycodesAlby Extension v3.0.0: Mnemonic Master Seed For Bitcoin, Nostr and LNURL-auth KeysStemstr: Create, Connect, and Collaborate on Music via NostrMinibits v0.0.7-alpha: Offline Send + ReceiveBTCPay Server v1.11.1: Bug FixesNodeless Is Now Open Source: Receive BTC & Lightning Payments Without a NodeAmber v0.0.2: Nostr Event Signer for AndroidBlockstream Jade v1.0.21: Better Navigation and ReadabilityNDK v0.8.0: Data Vending Machines Support & NDK-React v0.1.1 ReleasedLightning Loop v0.26.0-beta: Sweep HTLCs to Addresses Generated from xPubPeach Bitcoin v0.2.12: LNURL/BTC SwapsCoracle v0.3.0: Faster Feeds, Better Navigation, NIP-89 App StoreUmbrel Nostr Relay App Now Syncs Your Private Relay with Public RelaysBDK v0.28.1: Patch ReleasePrimal Android v0.13.2, iOS v0.24.3 ReleasedLibfloresta: Lightweight Bitcoin Full Node LibraryRonin UI v2.2.0: New Features & Improvements

Guides and research

Bitcoin Optech #262: LN Spec Meetings & Blind MuSig2 Signing SafetyAzteco 101: Unique, Easy & Private Way to Buy Bitcoin

Mining stats

Currently, the Bitcoin network’s hashrate (7 day simple moving average) sits at ~369 EH/s.Bitcoin mining difficulty is set to adjust in 545 blocks or approximately 4 days.

Lightning stats

The Lightning network capacity increased by 30 BTC, up to 4778 BTC today.The total number of network nodes gone up by 0.4%, while the total channel count is up by 0.3%, per

Nostr stats

There are nearly 4000 more new Nostr users compared with a week ago, according to number of daily active users currently stands at ~8000, while the number of weekly active users is trending towards ~20000, per stats.

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