Block 800772: Important News of the Week

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LNDK Developer Alyssa Hertig Receives Spiral GrantHead of Chainalysis Investigations Admits There’s No Scientific Evidence Proving Their Surveillance Software WorksFBI Seizure of Mastodon Server is a Wakeup Call to Decentralized Platform Users and HostsHRF Launched 20 BTC Bounty Challenge for Improvements Requested by ActivistsPayPal Shut Down GrapheneOS Foundation’s Account Used For DonationsSpiral Quarterly Update Q3 2023Adopting Bitcoin Conference 2024 Will Take Place on January 26-28 in Cape Town

Updates and releases

Mempool.Space Introduced Mempool Clock, CalculatorNix Bitcoin v0.0.95 ReleasedElectrs v0.10.0 ReleasedLDK v0.0.116: Lightning Anchor Channels SupportIris Desktop App v0.2.0: New Features & Performance ImprovementsMempool.Space Updates: Full RBF, P2PK Outputs & MoreMutiny Wallet v0.4.4 Released, Android Version Is Available For TestingAmethyst v0.71.0: GeohashBreez SDK Core v0.1.4: Custom Errors & BugfixesSimpleX Chat v5.2.0: Message Delivery ReceiptsGrapheneOS v2023072400 ReleasedCashu Nutshell v0.13.0: Ecash Seed Phrase BackupsMostro v0.7.8: Fixes & ImprovementsArcade v0.3.2-beta: AI Chat, Performance UpgradesBTCPay Server v1.11.0: Reporting, PoS Cart Redesign, Payment Sounds & MoreCalyxOS New Available For Pixel Tablet and Pixel FoldGeyser Integrates Zaps, Launches Grant For Bitcoin Educational CommunitiesPrimal Android App Is Officially in Beta, No Longer Read-OnlyEnvoy Wallet v1.3.0: Redeem Azteco Vouchers with a Single QR ScanCivKit Orage: LN Node with Focus on Availability, Modularity & SecurityThunderhub v0.13.20 Released

Guides and research

Bitcoin Optech #261: Simplified LN Closing ProtocolBitcoin Bolt Ring: Contactless Lightning NFC Payment Ring

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty adjusted downwards by -2.94% to 52.33T on block 800352.The average 7-day simple moving average hashrate currently sits at ~375 EH/s.

Lightning stats

The Lightning Network capacity is at 4758 BTC, down by more than 200 BTC in the past seven days, per total number of channels and nodes on the network remains relatively unchanged.

Nostr stats

The number of Nostr users has grown to 541,527, up by more than 3800 in a week, per to Nostr.Band stats, Nostr currently has nearly 9000 daily active users and over 22000 weekly active users.

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