Block 796741: Important News of the Week

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BTC Prague 2024 To Take Place on June 13-15, Early Bird Tickets Available NowNative American Catawba Nation Seeks Help In Growing Their Bitcoin-friendly JurisdictionDamus Almost Got Removed From Apple’s App StoreRiot Platforms Partnership Brings Production of MicroBT’s ASICs to AmericaSpiral Renews Developer Grant for ThunderbiscuitPrime Trust Placed Into Receivership, Lost $82M of Customer FundsMicroStrategy Issued and Sold $333M Worth of Shares, Bought Another 12333 BTCBitcoin Savings App Coinbits Caught in Prime Trust FalloutTether & Bitfinex: Signed MOU with Georgia, Launched Bitfinex P2P, Issued $100k Grant to Qubes OSSlovakia Lowers Bitcoin Capital Gains Tax Rate From 39% To 7%North Carolina To Commission A $50K Treasury Study To Find Out Whether It Should Hold BitcoinKraken Ordered to Turn Over Its Users Data to IRS

Updates and releases

Geyser Updates: Added Videos, Project Page RedesignCashu Nutshell v0.12.1: Performance and Stability ImprovementsGossip v0.7.0: UI and Relay Handling ImprovementsOak Node v0.3.7: Nostr Wallet Connect SupportBitcoin Keeper v1.0.6: Whirlpool for Android UsersTaproot Assets v0.2.2-alpha ReleasedBTCPay Server v1.10.3: Bug Fixes and ImprovementsDamus v1.5 with Removed Note Zaps Approved on App StorePayjoin Dev Kit (PDK): A Payjoin SDKBlixt Wallet v0.6.8: SpeedloaderNostr Nests Code Is Now Open SourceValidating Lightning Signer (VLS) Beta ReleasedTor Browser v12.5: Improved User ExperienceGrapheneOS v2023062800 Introduces Experimental Pixel Fold SupportNostur v1.2.0: Viewing of Long Form ArticlesZBD Launched Time-Based Bitcoin Rewards For Over 100 Android GamesBitmain Launched New Antminer S19j XPnsecBunker v1.0 Release Opens Up Nostr For Shared Projects and CompaniesSeedHammer v1.0.0: Reproducible BuildsBitBox App v4.38.0, Firmware v9.14.1: Updates & Security ImprovementsCore Lightning v23.05.2: Bugfix ReleaseNix Bitcoin v0.0.94 ReleasedAmethyst v0.64.0: New Logo, Cashu Token Support, UI Changes


Bitcoin Optech #257: Preventing the Pinning of Coinjoin TransactionsSimplicity: Holes and Side Effects

Mining stats

Bitcoin mining difficulty adjusted downwards by -3.26%, down to 50.65T.The average hashrate (7 day MA) also went down to 362 EH/s.The most commonly cited reason for the downwards adjustment are power outages in Southern US.

Lightning stats

The total Lightning Network capacity has gone up by another 8 BTC, per total visible node count decreased by 16 nodes, along with 87 channels.  

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