Block 795727: Important News of the Week

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Binance Confirms It Is Working on Lightning Network IntegrationFake Trezor Wallet App Tops Search Results For Trezor in Apple’s App StoreA Non-Custodial Exchange Backed By Citadel, Fidelity and Schwab LaunchedBrink Renews Sebastian Falbesoner’s Grant For His Work on BIP-324Riga Bitcoin Week 2023 Agenda, Cypherpunk Stage At Baltic Honeybadger 2023 AnnouncedLedger Recover Technical Whitepaper ReleasedBitGo Terminates Agreement to Acquire Prime Trust, Client Deposits and Withdrawals FrozenIMF Confirms It Is Working on A Global Platform For CBDCsNew Spiral Grantee: Matthew Ramsden, Pavlenex Grant RenewedMillions of GitHub Repos Likely Vulnerable to RepoJacking

Releases and Updates

Eclair v0.9.0: Dual Funding, Splicing Prototype, Bolt 12 & MoreNDK v0.5.4 Released + Video TutorialsSimpleX Server Now Available for StartOSAppothica – App Store for Progressive Web Apps Is Now Open SourceDirect Messages, Custom Notifications Are Now Live on Primal, Mobile Apps May Be Coming SoonVoltage Launched Surge Node Monitoring ToolElectrum v4.4.5 Released: Bug FixesNostur v1.1.0: Performance Improvements, Fixes & MoreCivKit Node v0.0.1 Released: Basic NIP-01 Support10101 v1.0.20: Beta Testing Back on MainnetMutiny Wallet and Node Updates: Smoother and Safer ExperienceumbrelOS v0.5.4: Reimagined App StoreBitBox App v4.37.1 Released, Shift Crypto Rebranded To BitBoxBoltz Web App: Liquid, Bitcoin and Lightning Under One RoofPeach Bitcoin v0.2.9: Fund Escrow from Peach Wallet, Increased PerformanceHighlighter v0.7.0: Encrypted Long-form Events & NotesSparrow v1.7.7: High Fee Environment Improvements & MoreTrezor Suite v23.6.1: Smoother Coinjoin ProcessStartOS v0.3.4.3: Improved Tor ReliabilityLDK Node v0.1.0: A Ready-To-Go Lightning Node LibraryStacker.News App v1.0.5: Layout Improvements, Bug Fixes & MoreGrapheneOS Now Available on Pixel TabletBlockstream Green Mobile v4.0.9 and Desktop v1.2.2 UpdatesLive.Snort.Social: Streaming on NostrAmethyst v0.62.0 & Onyx v0.61.4: Live Streams & Live-Streaming ChatsMinistry of Nodes Nodebox: Plug and Play Bitcoin Node


Bitcoin Optech #256: Extending BOLT11 Invoices to Request Two PaymentsBitcoin as a Nonviolent Tool Against State Financial Censorship

Mining stats

The next Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustment is estimated to occur in slightly less than 600 blocks or approximately 4 days.The average 7-day simple moving average hashrate has went down to ~372 EH/s, according to

Lightning stats

The total Lightning Network capacity has increased by more than 53 BTC last week. This was followed by increases in total nodes (+0.5%) and channels (+0.3%) on the network.

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