Block 791661: Important News of the Week

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tbdxxx Named as Ark: Privacy Preserving Layer 2 Bitcoin Scaling SolutionBitcoin 2024 Will Take Place In Nashville on July 25-27 Next YearBottlepay App Is Closing Down AgainBitwage Integrates with 23 Payroll Providers to Cover ‘Almost Any Employer in The United States’BitMEX Renews Sjors Provoost’s Bitcoin Developer GrantAmboss Privacy Policy Raises Concerns About Sharing User Information with Third-PartiesHong Kong To Open Bitcoin Trading For Retail From June 1stLedger Pauses The Launch of Recover Service, Accelerates Open Source RoadmapBIT Mining and Chain Reaction to Develop ‘Next-Generation Systems for Bitcoin Mining’Azteco Bitcoin Vouchers Now Available at 3000+ Vendors in Costa To Open Source Its LiquidOps Is Down Due to DMCA Takedown Notice By a Custodial ExchangeTornado Cash Developer Challenges Chainalysis Data Alleging Criminal LinksThe Power of Lightning Summit To Take Place on July 13-14 in NashvilleBrink Receives $50K From BitMEX, Fundraiser with Marathon Nears $800KBitcoin 2023 Open Source Stage Day 1 and Day 2 TalksIRS To Send Agents Abroad To Fight P2P, Mixing, DeFi and Crypto CrimesIndonesia Bitcoin Conference Will Take Place on October 26-27

Updates and releases

Fedi Alpha Is Now Available For TestingSeedHammer v0.11.1: Constant Time EngravingEmbassyOS Renamed to StartOS, v0.3.4.2 ReleasedVoltage Partners with Google Cloud to Expand Hosting and LocationsMercury Wallet v0.8.13: Required UpgradeTorq v0.22.1: Core LightningNostr Zap: Zap Any Nostr Npub From AnywhereLNDK: External Bolt 12 Support for LNDNutstash Wallet v0.1.12 ReleasedRaspiBlitz v1.9.0: Updates & New AppsNeutronpay Launches Enterprise API, Partners with Bitnob, Pouch.phMutiny Releases Signet Version of Its Web WalletTrezor Suite v23.5.2: May UpdatePolar v2.0.0: Taproot Assets Protocol Daemon SupportLNbits v0.10.8 ReleasedZapGate: Paywalls on NostrLava: Bitcoin-Native Lending & Borrowing ProtocolLiquid Swaps by Boltz: Lightning-Liquid Atomic SwapsStart9 Labs Introduces Server Lite and 2023 Server OneNunchuk Android v1.9.31: Batched TransactionsPayjoin v0.8.0 ReleasedPrimal Adds Saved Searches, Curated HashtagsBitcoin Core v25.0 ReleasedBitrefill Integrates Login with LightningNostream v1.25.2: Recommended Bug FixBitBanana v0.6.2: Advanced Channel Details

Guides and research

RoboSats Guide: Simple & Private Lightning-based P2P ExchangeBitcoin Optech #252: Zero-Knowledge Validity ProofsArk: Layer 2 Protocol For Cheap, Anonymous Off-chain PaymentsDarkpool (Tarpit): Privacy Preserving Cooperative Self-Custody Pool on Bitcoin

Mining news

Bitcoin 7-day moving average hashrate is currently hovering around its all time high at ~362 EH/s. The Bitcoin network fees have remained relatively stable throughout the week. It would take ~34 -40 sat/vB to get into the next few blocks, per

Lightning news

The Lightning Network capacity has gone up by approximately 33 BTC during the last week. The total node count has gone up by nearly 1%, up 145 from the week before, while the total channel count has gone down by nearly 200 channels.

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