Block 787537: Important News of the Week

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Tor To Implement Proof Of Work Client Puzzle To Mitigate DoS AttacksGemini Introduces A Non-US Crypto Derivatives Platform700M Users Of Telegram Can Now Buy, Receive, Withdraw and Trade Bitcoin P2PUK’s Online Safety Bill Takes Aim at End-to-End EncryptionEvery Wallet Generated With Trust Wallet Browser Extension Allowed For Stealing User FundsAmboss Raised $4M In Seed Funding Round Led By StillmarkBitcoin Optech #248: Proposed Removal of BIP35 Mempool P2P MessageBitcoin Legal Defense Fund Is Backing 13 Bitcoin Developers Fighting CSWBitcoin Whitepaper Removed In The Upcoming MacOS UpdateBrazil Court Bans Telegram (Again) For Not Sharing InformationSpiral Distributed More Than $7M In Grants To Open Source Projects & DevelopersBitcoin Policy Summit 2023: Panels, Video, HighlightsSurveillance Firm Chainalysis Releases Report Identifying Russian Military Bitcoin Activity Then Deletes ItTwitter Is Complying With More Government Demands Under MuskLightningcon Vietnam 2023 Talks Are Available OnlineU.S. Regulators Rush To Rescue First Republic BankCanada Passes Controversial Online Streaming Bill C-11Block’s Bitcoin Mining ASIC Program Is Moving Forward

Releases and Updates

Balance of Satoshis v15.0.0 ReleasedBluewallet v6.4.1: Payment CodesMutiny Node v0.2.6: BDK Core + IndexedDB; Mutiny Node v0.2.8 ReleasedLND v0.16.1-beta: Bug Fixes and Optimizations, LND v0.16.2: Fixes For Some Performance RegressionsLDK v0.0.115: Rebroadcast the BugfixesCurrent App v0.0.8: Badges, Relay Management, PlebhyCoinstr: Bitcoin Collaborative Custody Using NostrAmethyst v0.35.0 (NIP-94 Descriptions), v0.36.0 (Private Relays), v0.37.4 (Zap Forwarding) ReleasedSoma: A Spacechain On Signet With Anyprevout + Web AppStrike’s Send Globally Feature Now Available in GuatemalaLightning Loop v0.23.0-beta: MuSig2 As Default Swap ProtocolLightning Terminal v0.9.1-alpha: Software UpdatesNunchuk Android v1.9.29 & iOS v1.9.24: Advanced Coin ControlLiquidOps by Automated Node ManagementPreturnio: Full-text Bitcoin Blockchain Search EngineBTCPay Server v1.9.2: Bug FixesChantools v0.11.0 ReleasedGaloy v0.6.48: Features, Updates and Bug FixesMyCitadel Desktop v1.3.0: More Advanced MiniscriptsElectrum v4.4.1: Bug Fixes

Guides and Research

Taproot Channel Transactions: An OverviewThe Emerging Bitcoin-Native Venture Capital Landscape 2022 – Report

Mining Stats

Following five upward Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustments in a row (since February 13, 2023), currently estimates a downward adjustment of ~5%.Mempool has become crowded again in the second half of the week, signaling growing demand for Bitcoin block space and higher fees for high-time preference network users.

Lightning Stats

The Lightning Network node and channel count have slightly decreased this week, while the total network capacity went up by ~7 BTC, per

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