Block 783450: Important News of the Week

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Stack Duo v1.0.2 Is Out for Android and Linux, also iOS.CalyxOS v4.7.5: March Update BugfixGrapheneOS v2023032600 ReleasedRESTRICT Act: A Sweeping National Security ‘TikTok Ban’ Bill Includes $250K Fine If You Access A ‘Banned’ Site or ServiceMicroStrategy Fully Repays Its $205M Silvergate Loan, Buys Another 6,455 BTCMempool v2.5.0: Updated Lightning Explorer, Block Audits and MoreNostros v0.3.2.2: NIP-39 External Identities & Nostros v0.3.2.3: NIP-27 SupportSpecter v2.0.1: Taproot Support for Trezor & BugfixesNew EU AML Rules May Seek KYC Checks For Commercial Bitcoin Payments Over €1000SATSx Hackathon 2023: Quick Summary of ProjectsZEBEDEE Rolls Out Borderless Payments FeatureRoute Blinding Has Been Merged Into The Lightning SpecY Combinator Backed Theya Aims To Build ‘The World’s Simplest Bitcoin Multisig App’‘LinkingLion’: An Entity Linking Bitcoin Transactions to IPs?Floresta v0.3.0: Utreexo-Powered Electrum Server ImplementationNearly 50% of Recent Hash Rate Increase Went To Foundry: The World’s Largest Mining Pool Popular Among CorporationsBitstamp Closes Services in Canada with 3 Days NoticeZeroSync: An Initiative To Bring Zero-Knowledge Proofs to BitcoinZeus v0.7.4: Fee Bumping, Channel Sorting & FilteringFedimint Stability Pool ProposalTexas Senate Bill Seeks To Restrict Demand Response ArrangementsVerichains Discovers Critical Key Extraction Attacks in TSS for MPC Wallets and Digital Asset Custody: Native Bitcoin MultiSig Not AffectedLND v0.16.0-beta Released: Pathfinding, Watchtower UpgradesElements v22.1.1: Node Optimization for Lightweight DIY HardwarePaxful Refunds Its Customers 8.8 BTC Lost In Celsius CollapseClams v1.6.0: BOLT12 OffersBIP-327 Merged: MuSig2 for BIP340-compatible Multi-SignaturesMercadoLibre Enables Bitcoin Trading in ChileCoin Center: RESTRICT Act Creates Blanket Authority With Few Checks To Ban Just About AnythingAmethyst v0.30.2: Custom Zap AmountsSnort v0.1.5: Rebuilt Subscription ManagementDamus v1.4.0: Image & Video Uploads, Auto TranslationElectrs v0.9.13 ReleasedUS Government Sold 9,861 BTC Stolen From Silkroad, Will Sell Remaining 41,490 BTC This YearStop the RESTRICT Act, Pass Real Privacy Legislation – EFFBittrex Is Shutting Down US Operations

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