Block 708000: Important News of the Week

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ERCOT Paid Riot Platforms $7 Million to Shut Down During Heat Wave in AugustChainalysis Denounces Bitcoin Core Contributor Bryan Bishop as ‘Unqualified’ to Audit Its CodeRevolut Added SegWit Wallets After Joining Travel Rule Surveillance Trade GroupHuman Rights in Finance Foundation.EU Initiated Annulment Procedure for Travel RuleF2Pool to Return 20 BTC Tx Fee to Owner if It’s Claimed Within 3 DaysFortress Lost Customer Funds Prior to Acquisition by RippleAugust 2023 Mining Updates: Marathon, Core Scientific, CleanSpark, Iris & MoreBull Bitcoin Kicks Off International Expansion in Costa Rica in Partnership with Bitcoin JunglePaxos Identified as Fat Finger Entity in 20 BTC Fee MistakeSamara Asset Group Donates $10,000 in BTC for Bitcoin Education for Women in AfricaF2Pool Returned 19.8 BTC Fee Overpayment Back to PaxosSwan Bitcoin Partners with BitGo to Create USA’s First Bitcoin-Only Trust CompanyTor Browser, Tails Issued Patches for WebP Critical Zero-Day Exploit Affecting All Major Browsers

Project updates and releases

eNuts Wallet v0.0.3: First Public Beta ReleaseRoboSats v0.5.2-alpha: Updates and ImprovementsCLBOSS v0.13: Bring Back to Life ReleaseNostr Design Initiative LaunchedSimple Bitcoin Wallet v2.5.1: RBF/CPFP for Hardware WalletsLNbits v0.10.10: Quality & Performance ImprovementsSeedSigner v0.7.0: Reproducible Builds, Faster Startup & MoreAmethyst v0.76.0: GiftWrapped Push NotificationsNodeyez v23.08: Bitcoin Fee Estimates, LND MessagesCurrent App v0.1.3: Nostr + Bitcoin + AINunchuk Byzantine: Collaborative Custody Platform-as-a-ServiceDitto v0.1.0-alpha: Soapbox on NostrEmeralize v0.1.0: Now Open SourceGrapheneOS and CalyxOS September Security Updates ReleasedCore Lightning v23.08.1: Bugfix ReleaseCashu LNURL: LN Address Payments via Cashu & NostrMyCitadel v1.5: UI Improvements, Fixes & MoreGPUtopia: Sell GPU Capacity for SatsMyNode v0.3.20: Feature Upgrades, Enhanced Debugging ToolsAmboss Launched Hydro: Automated Lightning Liquidity SolutionTorq v1.1.1: Notifications via Workflows, Discord Integration & MoreZeroSync’s Header Chain Verifier: Instant Bitcoin Header Chain VerificationParmanode v3.6.2: BTC RPC Explorer, electrs & More

Guides and research

Bitcoin Optech 268: Specifications for Taproot Assets, LN Messaging Changes for PTLCs

Mining stats

Bitcoin network hashrate (7 day moving average) has exploded upwards in the last few days and is currently reaching 406 EH/s.Next network difficulty adjustment is expected in approximately 3 days or 420 blocks.Next Bitcoin network halving is just 32000 blocks away.

Lightning stats

Lightning network capacity has grown by nearly 80 BTC more this week, along with 240+ new channels.The total number of Lightning nodes has gone down by 15 in the last 7 days.

Nostr sats

There are 3500+ new Nostr users this week, per to, Nostr currently has ~9400 daily active users, with over 21000 weekly active users last week.

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