Blixt Wallet v0.6.2: Croatian Language Support, LND Update, and Bug Fixes

The app has been translated to Croatian!Updated lnd to v0.15.5Lnd’s strict graph db channel pruning config is now disabled by default.
Strict graph pruning is a feature that more aggressively prunes channels that are deemed unusable from lnd’s channel database. This database is used for payment pathfinding among other things.
We’ve found that this strict pruning is causing routing failures to several lightning nodes within the network, because the algorithm pruned too many channels, so we’re choosing to disable this feature. This will lead to a slightly higher memory footprint for the app.
Note: in order to restore the channels that got pruned, you need to either restore a wallet or create a new wallet from scratch running Blixt Wallet 0.6.2It’s now possible to see the payment duration for an invoice paid using Blixt. Tap a transaction in the transaction log to viewAdded “Show Network Info” to the Lightning Network category in Settings. This modal lets you see information about the Lightning NetworkFixed a bug where the camera button did not work in Keysend ExperimentFixed a bug where the channel reserve was not subtracted from the remote balance in Lightning Channels

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