Blink Plugin for BTCPay Server Released

“Big news for BTCPay Server users: the Blink Plugin is here! This is a game-changer for merchants looking to tap into Lightning payments more easily. Developed through a community-driven bounty, this is a prime example of what we achieve together in the open-source bitcoin world,” was announced in a blog post.”We’re not stopping here. Expect regular updates to the Blink Plugin, driven by your feedback and the evolving needs of the community.”


Hassle-Free Management: “The Blink Plugin is custodial, handling liquidity management for you. It’s simple: connect your Blink account to BTCPay Server and manage Lightning payments with ease. No technical deep dives needed.”Stable Value with Stablesats: “Worried about Bitcoin’s volatility? Choose Stablesats in Blink and tie the value of your sats to the US Dollar. This feature lets you receive payments in a stable value form, giving you peace of mind and financial stability in a fluctuating market.”Lightning Payments for All: “We’re tearing down technical barriers to make Lightning payments accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Bitcoin or a seasoned merchant; the Blink Plugin is designed for easy adoption, expanding the reach of Lightning payments across the community.”

Full Blog Post / Archive
Blink API Documentation
GitHub Repo

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