Bitcoin Optech #280: Cluster Mempool, Testing with Warnet

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #280 is here. This issue:

Describes several discussions about the proposed cluster mempool;Summarizes the results of a test performed using warnet;Recaps the “Testing Bitcoin Core 26.0 Release Candidates” PR Review Meeting;”Bitcoin Core 26.0 is the next major version of the predominant full-node implementation. The release includes experimental support for the version 2 transport protocol, support for taproot in miniscript, new RPCs for working with states for assumeUTXO, and an experimental RPC for processing packages of transactions…””Bitcoin Optech will host an audio recap discussion of this newsletter with special guests Pieter Wuille and Matthew Zipkin on Twitter Spaces Thursday at 15:00 UTC. Join us to discuss or ask questions!”

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