Bitcoin Keeper v1.0.4: Whirlpool For iOS

“For the first time ever, introducing Whirlpool for iOS. Keeper now integrates with Samurai’s Whirlpool, on your phone. Easily mix your Bitcoin for increased privacy and fungibility.””With Whirlpool coming in, we have redesigned the app’s interface to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.””Now you can seamlessly manage your UTXOs, monitor the status of your Whirlpool transactions, remix your sats and store them away in your multisig Vault.””The app is in beta as there are a few things we will be like to close before removing the tag including:

1. Android Whirlpool;
2. Open Sourcing the code;
3. Whirlpool over Tor;
4. Mixing of multiple UTXOs;
5. Full UTXO labelling;
6. Mix to Vault option.””Please try the feature and send feedback to make this app even more awesome.””Special thanks to Straylight for his rust client:…

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