Bitcoin-Dev Mailing List Is Looking for New Home

“Our current mailing list host, Linux Foundation, has indicated for years that they have wanted to stop hosting mailing lists, which would mean the bitcoin-dev mailing list would need to move somewhere else. We temporarily avoided that, but recently LF has informed a moderator that they will cease hosting any mailing lists later this year,” announced Bitcoin-dev mailing list moderator Bryan Bishop.”Linux Foundation has either offered or agreed to maintain archive permalinks so that content of historic importance is not lost. Fortunately for us while mailman will go down, they have agreed the read-only pipermail archives will remain online. So all old URLs will continue to remain valid.””However, the moderators strongly advise that the community supplements with public-inbox instances to have canonical archive urls that are separate from any particular email software host.””Bitcoin’s dev lists being hosted alongside other Open Source projects was previously protective. If that mailing list server became blacklisted there were a lot of other people who would notice and complain.””If we run a Bitcoin-specific mail server we are on our own. 100% of the administrative burden falls upon our own people. There is also nothing we can do if some unknown admin decides they don’t like us.””We’d like to invite feedback and proposals from the community, and see what options are available. One potential option is a migration to Google Groups, but we’re open to ideas at this point. We apologize for any inconvenience this disruption has caused.”

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