BitBox Partners with Breez to Bring Lightning to the BitBoxApp

“We are partnering with Breez, to explore the addition of a non-custodial Lightning wallet to our app via their Breez SDK.””We want to enable BitBox users to use their bitcoin for more than just cold storage. By adding a non-custodial Lightning wallet to the already familiar BitBoxApp, we can create a secure and seamless experience to spend your bitcoin wherever you go. All this without a custodian having control over your funds.””There would be no need to create a separate backup, as the Lightning wallet would be part of your existing seed backup.””The Lightning wallet in your BitBoxApp will also work just as any other Bitcoin account in the app, with the only difference that you won’t need your BitBox02 to send and receive payments.””We opted for a solution where the Lightning private keys are stored on the host device, which trades security for convenience. But as your Lightning wallet is not meant for large amounts, this is a preferable trade-off.””All the features we are working on are enabled by the Breez SDK, which makes use of the Blockstream Greenlight infrastructure.””There is currently no expected launch date for Lightning support in the BitBoxApp and unforeseen road blocks could set back the development.”

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