BitBox App v4.38.0, Firmware v9.14.1: Updates & Security Improvements

“Today we have prepared a substantial update for the BitBoxApp. This release contains security improvements, optimizes usability and adds new features for advanced users.”

What’s new

Encrypted seed in RAM. “Up until now, the seed was held in RAM in a decrypted state after unlocking. With this update, it is only decrypted for a short period of time when the seed is needed, for example for signing and verification operations.”Automatic account synchronization. “When connecting your BitBox02 to a new host device or when restoring a backup, the BitBoxApp will now automatically scan the balances of the first 5 Bitcoin and Litecoin accounts and display further ones that have a transaction history on them.”Removed account limit. “You can now add as many Bitcoin and Litecoin accounts as you like, provided that you have used the previous account.”Redesigned settings page. “Different kinds of settings are now grouped in tabs at the top of the page.”Advanced setup settings. “When creating a new wallet on the BitBox02, you can now choose between a 12 and a 24 word seed. You can also choose to skip the microSD backup.”Additional improvements:

– Mitigate Ethereum address poisoning attack by hiding zero amount ERC20 transactions.
– Improve satoshi amount readability adding thousands separator.
– Added support for Czech Crown and Czech language.
– Added support for Polish Zloty.
– Show transaction notes in coin control to make UTXO management easier. Such as when sending Ordinals.”You can find an exhaustive list of changes in the app changelog on GitHub.”

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GitHub Repo

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