Bitaxe v2.2: Open Source Bitcoin Mining Hardware & Firmware

The bitaxe v2.2! Hashing just a hair under 400GH/s 12.5W.Standalone: can mine directly to your pool over WiFi. No External computer needed.Embedded: low cost, low maintenance, high availability, high reliability, low power.ASIC: based on the very efficient BM1397 from Bitmain.Versatile: solo/pool mining, autotune power/heat/efficiency.Open Source: All design files are provided.


ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 wifi microcontroller on boardTI TPS40305 buck regulator steps down the 5V input to power the BM1397Maxim DS4432U+ current DAC digitally adjusts the BM1397 core voltage from 0.04V to 2.4VTI INA260 power meter measures the input voltage and current of the minerMicrochip EMC2101 measures the BM1397 internal diode temperature. Also PWM controls the fan and monitors tach output.Two sweet RGB status LEDs

Current Status

The hardware has been built and tested.Using cgminer on a separate computer, the bitaxe can mine in excess of 400 GH/sESP32 miner firmware is still underdevelopment.

GitHub Repo

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