Bisq v1.9.10: Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

Release notes

“This release is packed with improvements under the hood to improve the overall performance of Bisq. Of course we have fixed lots of bugs across the board as well.”


Always include high prio payload in get data response.Seednode improvements for monitoring.Distribute seednode restart times evenly.Reduce log level of two messages which frequently fill user’s log.Warn user when free disk space is too low.Do not start new retry with new provider timer if one is still running.Maker check DAO health when handling OfferAvailabilityRequest.Speed up loading and scrolling of trade historyLimit offer min/max amount deviation to 50%.

Bug fixes

Reset pending trade protocol of same offerFix problem causing multiple offers with same ID.Increase capacity for thread pool queue at ExportJsonFilesServiceValidate BSQ fee payment using DAO tx info.Fix trade fee validation with new BMFix row count number filtering in trade listsRemove clearnet address for BTC node “devinbtcyk”Fix: RA – Payout is done before Tx validation.Fix: Available funds cannot be used for trading until prior trade moved to closed.Differenciate offer removal pop-ups for BSQ swaps and regular trades.Connection: Close protoOutputStream before closing socketFix withdrawal fee calculation & the min relay fee problem.National bank transfer (BSB code not copying)Several threading improvements and fixes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5Fix: Wallet Date input field marches across the screenFix: Offers with invalid maker fees are shown live on the Bisq offer book resulting in failed trades and lost fees for the takerAdd missing segwit BSQ keychain path to wallet infoWhonix only: Bind/listen on instead of

Development & Documentation

Cleanup Gradle build files: 1, 2, 3, 4

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