BDK v0.28.1: Patch Release

“This patch release backports (from the BDK 1.0 dev branch) a fix for a bug in the policy condition calculation and adds a new taproot single key descriptor template (BIP-86).””The policy condition calculation bug can cause issues when a policy subtree fails due to missing info even if it’s not selected when creating a new transaction, errors on unused policy paths are now ignored.”


Fixed: Backported #932 fix for policy condition calculation #1008Added: Backported #840 taproot descriptor template (BIP-86) #1033

What’s Changed

Fix release/0.28 branch 1.57 MSRV errors by @notmandatory in #991Backporting “Fix policy condition calculation” onto release/0.28 by @junderw in #1008Ignore rocksdb audit error RUSTSEC-2022-0046 by @notmandatory in #1007Backport new taproot descriptor template (BIP86) by @notmandatory in #1033ci: pin dependencies with Cargo update instead of in Cargo.toml by @notmandatory in #1054release: bump version to 0.28.1 by @notmandatory in #1057

New Contributors

@junderw made their first contribution in #1008

Full Changelog: v0.28.0…v0.28.1

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