BDK v0.26.0: Improves Fulcrum Electrum Server Compatibility, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes


This release improves Fulcrum electrum server compatibility and fixes public descriptor template key origin paths. We also snuck in small enhancements to configure the electrum client to validate the domain using SSL and sort TransactionDetails by block height and timestamp.



Make electrum blockchain client save_tx function order independent to work with Fulcrum servers. #808Fix wrong testnet key origin path in public descriptor templates. #818Make code examples compile without errors. #820


For electrum blockchain client, allow user to configure whether to validate the domain using SSL. #805Implement ordering for TransactionDetails. #812


Bump hwi dependency to 0.4.0. #825Bump esplora-client dependency to 0.3 #830

What’s Changed

Downgrade ubuntu to 20.04 for test_hardware_wallet CI job by @notmandatory in #811Update ci nightly-docs workflow to use nightly-2022-12-14 by @notmandatory in #822Make code examples compile without errors by @petertodd in #820fix: make save_tx order independent by @bodymindarts in #808Fix wrong key origin path in public descriptor templates by @yukibtc in #818Implement ordering for TransactionDetails by @benthecarman in #812electrum: add validate_domain to ElectrumBlockchainConfig by @icota in #805Bump hwi to 0.4.0 by @danielabrozzoni in #825[#344] Add assert_matches by @Synesso in #821Bump version to 0.26.0 by @notmandatory in #828

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