Apple Deactivates Zeus Developer Account Following Antitrust Lawsuit by Cash App & Venmo Users

“Apparently, if you get cited in someone else’s anti-trust lawsuit, Apple will deactivate your developer account without notice,” Zeus developer Evan Kaloudis said on X.Kaloudis also added a link to the recent anti-trust lawsuit filed by the users of Cash App and Venmo against Apple, as well as screenshots of his deactivated Apple developer account.The lawsuit mentions both Damus and Zeus, referring to the trouble these apps had with pushing new features and updates for their iOS products.The lawsuit by Cash App and Venmo users mentions a Tweet by Zeus developer Evan Kaloudis.The lawsuit essentially claims that Apple violated U.S. antitrust law through its agreements with PayPal’s Venmo and Block’s Cash App.”On the plus side, it appears that Zeus is still live on the App Store and on TestFlight – even if I can’t push updates,” Kaloudis added.“My dev account seems ok for now,” said Damus developer William Casarin. Even so, Casarin also had his fair share of troubles prior to getting Damus v1.6 update approved on the App Store.Despite the scrutiny against legitimate Bitcoin and Nostr applications, Apple’s App Store reviewers seem to have no trouble publishing a range of obvious Bitcoin scam wallets designed to steal user funds.

🚨Yet another #Bitcoin theft:

The Apple AppStore for iOS has published a range of fraudulent bitcoin wallet apps.

My friend succumbed to the “Electrum Wallet Management” app typed their seed phrase in and… money gone.

🧵Details follow here…

— Oscar P (@oscpacey) November 12, 2023

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