Amethyst v0.82.3: Selling & Listing, Image Servers & More

The latest Amethyst updates introduce support for selling and listing in Amethyst, NIP-96 Image Servers, NIP-88 NOTIFY request support, and NIP-54 inline metadata. It also provides large improvements to Cashu’s token redemption, performance improvements and fixes several bugs.

What’s new

Release v0.82.2: Markdown improvements

Fixes the transition between short preview and full text on markdownAdds NIP-44 metatags to markdown rendering.Adds background video rendering on markdownPerformance: Calculates the text width of a space outside a composable.Fixes the image preview with uppercase extensions.

Release v0.82.1: NIP-96, NIP-44, Selling

Adds selling: ShopStr’s classified creationMigrates old image server uploads to NIP-96Adds support for NIP-54 inline metadataAdds a Marketplace tab to DiscoveryNew Cashu Redeeming card UI.Shows the blurhash with a Download icon instead of the URL when the user chooses to not automatically load images/videosImproves the video switching flicker from blurhash to videoOptimizes the rendering of the drawerUpdates EOSE status in the same thread of the new event to reduce the amount of coroutine launches.Uses just one HTTPClient for the entire appAdds a User Agent to all HTTP requests.Improves Cashu Redeeming UI feedbackAdds support for the FileServers kindAdds relay information for Replaceable eventsUnifies upload options into NIP-94 imagesImproves the rendering of inline metadataUses instead of as a search relayFixes bottom bar appearing in chats when the keyboard is openFixes uploading crash due to malformed video formatsFixes crash when image is an SVG and tries to compressFixes deletion of replaceable eventsFixes hash calculation from the entire payload to only the bytes in the fileFixes bug when updating relay list that used keep the previous listPresents better error messages when the image upload failsAdds a button to Cashu preview to redeem on external wallet by @npub1nxa4tywfz9nqp7z9zp7nr7d4nchhclsf58lcqt5y782rmf2hefjquaa6q8Fixes zap splits when using amber with intents by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5Updates translations for cs/de/sv/pt by @npub1e2yuky03caw4ke3zy68lg0fz3r4gkt94hx4fjmlelacyljgyk79svn3eefUpdates Hungarian translations by @npub1ww8kjxz2akn82qptdpl7glywnchhkx3x04hez3d3rye397turrhssenvtpUpdates Finnish translations by @petrikajUpdates Dutch translations by @npub1w4la29u3zv09r6crx5u8yxax0ffxgekzdm2egzjkjckef7xc83fs0ftxcdUpdates French translations by @npub106efcyntxc5qwl3w8krrhyt626m59ya2nk9f40px5s968u5xdwhsjsr8fzUpdates dependencies

Release v0.81.3: NIP-88

Massive refactoring to unify our internal signer with Amber’s signer in all supported eventsAdds NIP-88 NOTIFY request supportMigrates our Block list to kind:10000Fixes the breaking of @npubs when other words are combined with the nostr addressAdds default encryption and decryption permissions to the Amber login call to avoid multiple Amber screens open at once by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5Adds support for sending/receiving/approving multiple events at once by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5Adds a chat with seller flow to ShopStr’s event rendering.Reduces the amount of downloads to build the Notification chart of the weekImmediatly force-closes the WebSocket when leaving the appNarrows the re-downloads of event reactions downFixes the blue notification dot appearing when the user receives a notification from a blocked account before downloading the blocklistFixes URL Preview card when websites use a blended version of multiple open graph specsAdds a geohash mipmap to event tagsReduces multiple reconnections to relays when the app cold starts.Adds back arrow button to the top of the Nav bar of the Thread view.Fixes race conditions when opening videos at the same timeFixes spacing when drawing POW and Geolocation at the same timeRuns the translation as the UI Scope instead of ViewModel’sMigrates the event’s tag list from List to Array to save some bytes.Increases connection timeouts when on mobile data.Improves the EOSE logic when creating filters by grouping filter requests with similar sinceclausesFixes video release coroutine being killed by Android, leaving the Video playing in the backgroundAdds a cache of the total amount of Zaps per noteAllows sat amounts up to 4 digits without abbreviation @vicariousdramaImproves the rendering of LN Invoice Previews.Fixes error message when parsing LnInvoiceUpdates several dependencies

Updated translations for:

Czech, German, Swedish and Portuguese, Brazilian by @npub1e2yuky03caw4ke3zy68lg0fz3r4gkt94hx4fjmlelacyljgyk79svn3eefSpanish, Mexico and Spanish, United States by @npub1luhyzgce7qtcs6r6v00ryjxza8av8u4dzh3avg0zks38tjktnmxspxq903Hungarian by @npub1ww8kjxz2akn82qptdpl7glywnchhkx3x04hez3d3rye397turrhssenvtpChinese Simplified by by @npub1cpazafytvafazxkjn43zjfwtfzatfz508r54f6z6a3rf2ws8223qc3xxpk

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