Amethyst v0.80.1: FOSS Push Notifications

“This version adds support for UnifiedPush to the FOSS edition of Amethyst. Make sure to have one of the UnifiedPush apps installed to receive Notifications.””Once installed, Amethyst will ask which distribution app to use. If the app is paid, make sure to have enough credits in that system.”

What’s new

Adds support for Unified Push in the FOSS edition by @KotlinGeekDevBugFix for missing push notifications when using Google’s editionCreates a ViewModel store for each user, which allows faster memory cleanup when switching accounts.Fix crash when uploading images/videos using external signer by @greenart7c3Adds Lifecycle to all Flow collects in compose to stop processing new events when the app is paused.Avoids creation of the LiveData in every recompositionRemoving Stop with Task from PushNotifications to make sure the PushService remains active.Updated translations to Sweden, Portuguese, Czech and German by @davotoula

For all the latest Amethyst updates, check out the project’s GitHub repository.

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