Amethyst v0.77.0-alpha: Amber Support

“Today marks the beginning of a new era for Nostr Android. A native signing app (Amber) can now store the keys while every other Nostr app focuses on their own use cases. The time of inserting your private key in every native app is over.””Well, at least technically over. Consider this a test release. Bugs are expected.””We hope other Nostr apps for Android follow the same path and stop storing a private key with their own databases. And, hopefully, iOS apps will follow soon.”

You can download Amber here.

Earlier Amethyst update (v0.76.1) also introduced zap splits along with other updates.

What’s new in v0.76.1

Adds zap split setupAdds zap split displayAdds zap split paymentFixes bug when verifying the checksum of LNURLs (bech32) in uppercaseAllows playback to save any position in real-time and not only after 5 secondsRemoves potential bugs when the list contains an e tag with an a referenceMoves deletion and report to be the last item on the dropdown menuMoves broadcast up in the dropdown menuUpdating dependenciesUpdated translations for cs/de/svForces valid hexes in p- and e- tags when receiving the eventStops accepting space as a Valid hex char and requires an even number of chars (padding)Forces the ZapRequest to exist when processing the LnZapEventFixes some long NIP-19 cutting off in notesUpdates to Finnish, Swedish, Czech and German translationsAdds Bengali, Bangladesh translationsAdds Italian TranslationsUpdates Chinese Translations

GitHub Repo (Amethyst)
GitHub Repo (Amber)
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