Amethyst v0.76.0: GiftWrapped Push Notifications

“This version encrypts Nostr events on a GiftWrap to make sure Google cannot link push notification device tokens to pubkeys.””Earlier Amethyst updates also introduced New Thread sorting scheme, 1 sat 1 vote polls, NIP-315 status updates, and many more fixes and improvements.”

What’s new

Migrates to Encrypted Push NotificationsBugFix with video thumbnails failing to load when using the Android’s new Photo PickerImprovements to the relay settings UI.BugFix for invalid LNURLs highlighting as a linkUses the correct observer for the picture profile in the Top bar.Adds and as two new NIP-50 relays in the default list.Adds SeenOn relays when successfully broadcasting a note.Refines relay icon row composeFixes the missing channel header for Live Activity replies in Conversations.Upgrades the RelayPoolStatus to a FlowAvoids race condition when updating EOSEsAdds arm64-v8a and armeabi-v7a build targetAdds Indonesian translationUpdates Czech, German, Swahili, Chinese, and Italian translations

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