Amethyst v0.72.1: New Memory Management, Caching Improvements

Amethyst’s Vitor Pamplona revealed he’s working on an improved Nostr DMs model:

“Amethyst’s new DM model will allow users to backup their outgoing DMs to a separate Nostr pubkey. If somebody gets access to the main key, they won’t be able to find or even count your outgoing messages.””That will create a new class of micro apps to manage DM backup and recovery.””To recover DMs, the backup client re-signs all past messages to a new key your main client just created. If you have two or three clients, you can use 2-3 DM keys. The backup client can keep forwarding your own backed-up DMs to 2-3 other keys so that all clients can sync and see the same messages.””There are lots of interesting features of this model. The most important one is that when re-signing, the date/time of the original message doesn’t need to be shown. The backup client re-signs everything as of today. The public doesn’t know these are DMs and doesn’t even know if the public date is relevant or not.”

You can read more about it here.

Meanwhile, here are the latest updates for Amethyst.

v0.72.1: Caching improvements

Expanded disk cache for imagesMoves NIP95 cache to internal/secure foldersFixes the interference between video and image cachesAdds a cache forever tag to robohashesMoves URL Previews into suspend functionsAdds a little border for Long Form ContentUpdated image upload API for to v2 by @npub1nxa4tywfz9nqp7z9zp7nr7d4nchhclsf58lcqt5y782rmf2hefjquaa6q8Added support for NIP98 for Users with an account at will upload files to their personal gallery through amethyst now by @npub1nxa4tywfz9nqp7z9zp7nr7d4nchhclsf58lcqt5y782rmf2hefjquaa6q8Updated French translations by @anthony-robinFixes new lines after imagesFixes URL links containing “-“Displaying a bytecounter for events in memory when the app pauses.Slighly Faster picture galleriesAvoids null image url errors that might be delaying some of the rendering.Uses Lists instead of Sets to reduce memory consumption of pointers.Moves onCreate intent evaluation to the App NavigationMoves Geolocation search to the IO threadAvoids using String.format due to an inner Synchronized blockUses a faster method to generate the hex of a urlMoves to a minified release.

v0.72.0: New memory management

Adds aggressive memory management to avoid Out of MemoryFixes the App losing the back stack of screensInterns event strings to avoid duplicating memory with hashes and pubkeysImproves search by looking into all tags of all eventsImproves Tamil Translations by @Adds missing translations cs/de/se by @npub1e2yuky03caw4ke3zy68lg0fz3r4gkt94hx4fjmlelacyljgyk79svn3eefAdds cryptographic and base event support for NIP-24 (GiftWraps and Sealed Gossip)Increases confidence requirements for the TranslatorRefactors the event creation into a FactoryAdds new kinds to the hashtag and geotag search feedsFixes the explainer text of the geohash addonUpdates to the latest librariesRemoves leakcanary due to irrelevanceCleans up unused values in stringsFix: Ignores past version of addressable content in feedsFix: Avoids showing community definition types in the community feed.Fix: Avoids downloading 1000s of Nostr Connect events that some clients are generating.

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