Amethyst v0.34.1: Support for NIP-94, Fixes

Release v.0.34.1: Bug Fixes for Poll Tallying

Correctly calculates the total of Zaps in a pollRemoves unnecessary logs

Changes: v0.34.0…v0.34.1

Release v0.34.0: Support for NIP-94

Support for NIP-94Fix crashing when changing users

Changes: v0.33.2…v0.34.0

Release v0.33.2: Bugfixes

BugFix for #359BugFix for #361 by @vivganesUpdated NL Translations by @Bardesss

Changes: v0.33.1…v0.33.2

Release v0.33.1: Notification dots on additive filters

Changes: v0.33.0…v0.33.1

Release v0.33.0: Additive filters

Changes: v0.32.3…v0.33.0

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