Amber v0.5.0: History Screen, Support for Multiple Accounts & More

What’s new

v0.5.0 updates

Created history screenShow the relay url when it’s an auth eventShow app version in the settings screenFix bottom sheet overlapping nav buttonsChange content provider name in debug

v0.4.0 updates

Change the current account by pressing the Top AppBarAdd Show/Hide details button on all signer typesUpdated readme with an example on how to send the intent from a web client

v0.3.0 updates

v0.3.1: Added an option to name your accountsv0.3.0 Support for multiple accounts

v0.2.0 updates

Upgrade to material 3 dependenciesCreated settings and permissions screenAdded arm64-v8a and armeabi-v7a builds

v0.1.0 updates

v0.1.4: Code cleanup, Fix crash with zaps with no “e” tagv0.1.0: When you have remember my choice checked you can use content resolver to sign events in backgroundv0.1.0: Created a button to reset all permissions

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